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Against Amendment One: Training for advocates

An exciting new program is launching this weekend for those interested in fighting AGAINST Amendment One. Sponsored by Protect All NC Families, the program is a Speakers Bureau designed for training an army of activists who can advocate for freedom and fairness.

Trainings are currently scheduled for Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Asheville this weekend. Details below the fold.

Thanks, Mr. Tillis!

You've managed to get us on the front page of the New York Times again, with just the kind of news that will make business leaders worldwide want to expand their workforces in North Carolina. Not.

At Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C., enrollment has grown by about 30 percent in the last three years, while total state funding has fallen by 21 percent, an amount not fully offset by tuition increases. The college cannot afford to expand its popular nursing program beyond its 275 slots, leaving 1,000 frustrated students on the waiting list. To keep these students, the college has enrolled them in a “pre-nursing” program, a new prerequisite for staying on the waiting list. But even those courses have a waiting list of more than 400 students.

Hat tip to Progressive Pulse.

Affordable health care? We're getting there.

A balanced analysis of the impacts of the Affordable Care Act, from NC Policy Watch, of course.

The politics of the moment might call for rash statements that we need to “repeal” the health care law. But by now the effects of repeal are clear: Millions would lose coverage, seniors would pay more, small businesses would get less, and costs would go up for everyone. The Affordable Care Act may be slow, but it is on track and starting to make the changes we all need in a cautious, deliberate way. For those who are already benefiting and those who will benefit over the next few years, the law is just the medicine our health system needs.


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