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    ... that Charlotte was the only city that put in a bid for the RNC convention this time around.

    They really have no other alternative for a host city and will have to go virtual. The DNC has been planning a virtual convention, pulling together the basic infrastructure, in case of a continued problem with the pandemic. With Trump's insistence on a "live" event for his death cult followers, the RNC has made no such planning.

    I doubt they could get another city - I could see host hotels and venues afraid of lawsuits if the event creates an outbreak and three months isn't enough time to pull the event together at another location.

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    I don't blame anyone for declining to volunteer to serve in the military. (I do blame Trump for dodging the draft.) But I sure do hate seeing all the chickenhawks pandering to military families, as Tillis and Dandy Forest did today. It's as predictable as the sun rising, and it's pretty damn sickening.

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    Governor Cooper should keep all options open, it's the only responsible thing to do. He should tell Trump that he will NOT commit to hosting an unrestrained death orgy, but instead will follow federal guidelines to protect NC citizens.

    There's simply no way to know what the environment will be three months from now and Cooper must not allow NC to be intimidated by the Orange man. As others have said, call Trump's bluff and force HIM to move the convention to a state more amenable to mass infection.

    As to future litigation, I say "bring it." This is one the RNC would lose in a heartbeat.

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    ... that this might be some kind of ploy to get out of the contract and to sue the city for not honoring the contract or some other such nonsense. It's always about the grift or his fragile ego with this guy.

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    Alamance Sheriff Terry Johnson, who announced he's running for reelection in April, told the press that he would not stop the race at the Ace Speedway this weekend because he felt Cooper's pandemic orders are "unconstitutional".

    If there are COVD-19 cases or deaths traced back to this event, I point out the state law on removal of county Sheriffs from office - only five residents of the county need to get an attorney and file a complaint with a judge of the superior court, which will kick off a mandatory hearing. Sheriffs can be removed "For willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the duties of his office".

    Even if such a move isn't successful, it would make the very public point that Johnson is neglecting to carry out his duties and endangering public health.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I'm wondering if Johnson or his office could be held liable by families for neglect if someone dies because they attended this race.