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    Technically speaking, it is ecumenical, accepting members from a wide range of (Christian) denominations. That is not (in itself) alarming, but it does open the door for practices that would be "questionable" under more formal guidance from larger institutions. But as with anything, it's the details that matter.

    There's a long process that applicants (supplicants?) must go through, and the sexes are segregated during the classes of instruction. It can take 3-6 years for somebody to complete this training, which I find more than alarming. It's stinks of indoctrination, allowing "teachers" and "leaders" to decide if an individual has been properly conditioned. By the time they are allowed to join formally (pledge to the Covenant) , they have invested a great deal of time and are much less likely to leave the community.

    I wouldn't describe it as a "cult," but I probably wouldn't have described Word of Faith as a cult 25 years ago. Let's just say I would rather Amy Coney Barrett be a bonafide Roman Catholic, than somebody who has sat through several years of "training" to join said community.

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    that there is gambling going on here NC Republicans are playing rank partisan games with the right to vote. And yes, I was definitely making the comparison of them to Vichy French officers as collaborationists with Nazis (i.e., the national GOP.)

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    ...has always been business (Wall Street) saying to the southern conservatives "You can keep your Bible, guns and bigotry as long as we can keep our profits."

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    I don't think we ever had what we thought. The founders were fascist plutocrats, with fascism defined in its original meaning, the merger of corporate and state. Which means the state will overwhelmingly make law in favor of business and the wealthy. The "republic" is a disguise. The electoral college, the nature of the Senate, gerrymandering, money and alas, covert and overt racism ensures the "repubic" is a well crafted illusion, designed to keep the plutocracy in tact. Much is discussed about what to do and what may happen. But history repeats itself and the nature of man does not change. Turning points of society are never without great costs.

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    It's resonating with people