Tuesday News: 10,000 and counting...


COUNTY ELECTION BOARDS CAN RESUME CURING PROCESS FOR REJECTED BALLOTS: Under the rules issued Sunday, voters’ ballots can be fixed if the voter did not sign the voter certification, the voter signed in the wrong place, the witness or assistant did not print their name, the witness or assistant did not print their address or the witness or assistant signed on the wrong line. But the county boards were ordered to destroy the ballot and issue the voter a new ballot if the witness or assistant did not sign, the envelope arrived at the county office unsealed or the envelope indicates the voter is requesting a replacement ballot. If a document to fix the ballot, or a new ballot, needs to be issued to the voter the county boards are mandated to contact the voter within one business day.

DAN FOREST'S SUGAR DADDY REPORTS TO PRISON TODAY: A wealthy businessman who was at one point North Carolina’s largest political donor reports to federal prison Tuesday to start a seven-plus-year sentence on his bribery conviction. Greg Lindberg will also release a new book Tuesday, according to his public relations team. The book, “Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity Into Advantage,” can be downloaded for free online at greglindberg.com. The book promises a "path of self-discovery that will unlock your free will and help you discover the strength hidden in your subconscious." (Not the Onion, I swear) Lindberg was convicted in March of a scheme to bribe North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, who recorded their conversations for the FBI. Lindberg has maintained his innocence and has appealed his case, but a federal judge turned away multiple requests to delay his sentence while the appeal runs its course.

CONFEDERATE PROTESTERS HARASS LEXINGTON MAYOR AT HIS HOME: A small group of residents gathered on the sidewalk on West Third Avenue on Saturday and Sunday afternoon carrying Confederate and Trump flags in an apparent demonstration against the recent removal of the Confederate statue from uptown Lexington in the early morning hours on Friday, according to law enforcement. “It is a little disconcerting,” said Lexington Mayor Newell Clark. “When folks come to city hall or a council meeting it is one thing; to come to my private home is another. I understand that I am the face of our community, but they need to respect my family’s privacy. It is unfortunate that these individuals choose to voice their opinion in that way.” Representatives with the Lexington Police stated there were no arrests made on either day. The sidewalk is considered public property although it is in a residential area. In a written statement on Sunday, the owners of the Confederate monument condemned the actions of the protestors.

TRUMP AND BIDEN ARE NECK-AND-NECK IN NORTH CAROLINA, ACCORDING TO NEW POLL: The poll finds Biden at 49 percent and Trump at 48 percent among likely voters, with two third-party candidates — Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen and Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins — accounting for just 1 percent of the vote. Among registered voters, Biden is at 48 percent, Trump at 46 percent and the third-party candidates a combined 3 percent. North Carolina is one of two Southern battlegrounds, along with Florida, that the president won in 2016 and that are crucial to his efforts to secure an electoral college majority in two weeks. Four years ago, he won North Carolina by four percentage points, and without its 15 electoral votes this year, his path to victory would become significantly more difficult. The president’s overall approval rating among registered voters in North Carolina is 47 percent positive and 51 percent negative, with 44 percent saying they strongly disapprove of the way he is handling his job vs. 37 percent who strongly approve. Trump’s approval margin is slightly better in North Carolina than it is nationally. Among likely voters in North Carolina who approve of Trump, 94 percent support Trump for reelection. Among those who disapprove, 95 percent support Biden. North Carolina’s registered voters have a more positive view of the president’s handling of the economy, with 53 percent approving and 44 percent disapproving. Overall, 42 percent strongly approve of his performance on the economy. Among likely voters who approve of how Trump is handling the economy, 86 percent support Trump. Among those who disapprove, 97 percent support Biden. Registered voters in North Carolina disapprove of the way the president has dealt with the (Coronavirus) crisis, by 53 percent to 45 percent, with 47 percent saying they strongly disapprove. But overall, they are notably less critical of the president on this issue than the country as a whole.

AG BARR (ONCE AGAIN) ACTS AS TRUMP'S PERSONAL LAWYER IN RAPE DEFAMATION SUIT: Using a law designed to protect federal employees from defamation suits when they perform their duties, Mr. Barr sought to transfer the lawsuit from state court to Federal District Court in Manhattan and to substitute the federal government for Mr. Trump as the defendant. That maneuver, if approved by a judge, would have the practical effect of dismissing Ms. Carroll’s lawsuit because government employees enjoy immunity from most defamation claims. Earlier this month, Ms. Carroll’s lawyers attacked the effort in court papers, asking a federal judge, Lewis A. Kaplan, to reject it. “There is not a single person in the United States — not the president and not anyone else — whose job description includes slandering women they sexually assaulted,” Ms. Carroll’s lawyers wrote. In its filing on Monday, however, the Justice Department argued that Mr. Trump had not slandered Ms. Carroll but merely rebutted her allegations. That fell within the scope of his official role as president, the department said, because a claim of rape — even a false one — could have an impact on his job. The controversy over the case even arose during a presidential campaign event last week, when the Democratic candidate, Joseph R. Biden Jr., alluded to it, among other examples, to accuse Mr. Trump of treating the Justice Department “as if it’s your own law firm.” “‘I’m being sued because a woman’s accusing me of rape. Represent me. Represent me,’” Mr. Biden said sarcastically, as if speaking in the president’s voice, adding, “What’s that all about?” Ms. Carroll, a longtime advice columnist for Elle magazine, wrote in a book published last year and in excerpts in New York magazine that Mr. Trump attacked her in a dressing room in the luxury Manhattan department store Bergdorf Goodman in the mid-1990s. According to Ms. Carroll’s account, Mr. Trump had stopped her and said, “Hey, you’re that advice lady!” She claimed Mr. Trump threw her against a wall, pulled down her tights, opened his pants and raped her. In response, Mr. Trump denied that he had ever met Ms. Carroll and accused her of lying, adding, “She’s not my type.” In a written statement, Mr. Trump also said Ms. Carroll was “trying to sell a new book.” He added, “It should be sold in the fiction section.”



I literally burst out laughing

when I read the title to Greg Lindberg's prison book. He's going to escape into his subconscious when some power-lifting blue-tatted skinhead takes an interest in that fancy haircut...