Saturday News: Unwanted


DARRELL ALLISON STUBBORNLY HOLDS ONTO CHANCELLOR APPOINTMENT AT FSU: FSU students protested the chancellor search process, saying their voices were excluded. Members of the FSU Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling it “a failed search” that puts the school’s accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at risk. Allison also has been criticized for his support of the secret deal that gave the Silent Sam Confederate statue and $2.5 million to a confederate group. That deal was later overturned. An online petition to remove Allison from the FSU job has collected more than 2,500 signatures as of Friday. “We all know that the perceptions can be distorted,” Allison said. “The reality is they’ll get a chance to see the real Darrell, not what someone else said or alleged.” Referring to yourself in the 3rd person (Illeism) is not a good sign, pal.

Racism and Lies: The NC GOP's disgusting campaign tactics


Their rise to power in 2010 is nothing to be proud of:

In 2010, McCollum’s prison mugshot appeared on a flier the North Carolina Republican Party mailed to voters. The ad attacked Democrats who’d supported a measure to allow death row inmates the chance to present evidence that their convictions were tainted by racial bias. It suggested that if voters supported Democrats a flood of death row inmates would be let loose.

“Meet your new neighbors,” the ad said on the front, with McCollum’s picture on the back. Next to it was a menacing description, some of the type in red capital letters: “Get to know Henry McCollum. He RAPED AND MURDERED AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD.”

Understand, it was racist ignorance like that which resulted in Henry's and Leon's wrongful imprisonment in the first place. Also understand, after investigators were presented with strong evidence they were likely not the ones who raped and murdered an 11 year-old girl, their lack of concern for finding the real perpetrator left children in that community vulnerable. But there is a lot of shame to go around in this sad tale:

Friday News: God helps me aim my gun?

DEBATE ON GUNS IN CHURCH DETERIORATES QUICKLY: Rep. Terry Garrison, D-Vance, questioned the need for weapons. "If your faith is greater in a gun than in God, then so be it," said Garrison. "If you’re not willing to go into the house of the Lord and have faith that he will protect you, well OK, fine, you have that right. But that is not where I stand as a Christian." "My faith in God? Unshakable. But God gives me the right – as a matter of fact, God gives me the responsibility – to protect my family and my loved ones," Kidwell told Garrison. "God created man," Kidwell added. "Colt made him equal." Several others also took Garrison's dig personally. "For me, that’s not a bellwether of your Christian faith. That’s personal," responded Rep. Dean Arp, R-Union. "Please don’t accuse me of not being a Christian because I see evil in the world and can do something to stop it." "I don’t believe being armed means you don’t trust in the Lord," said Rep Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus. "You can trust him to guide your aim if need be."

Breaking News: Thom Tillis just might be an idiot


Apparently small donors are just as bad as dark money groups:

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) on Wednesday said broad-based, small-dollar contributions given to Democratic candidates through online donor platforms is the “same exact thing” as political spending by well-heeled “dark money” groups who are allowed to conceal their funding sources.

During a Senate panel hearing about the influence of money over the federal judiciary, Tillis appeared to take aim at ActBlue, an app that helps Democrats and liberal groups collect individual contributions in amounts that are too small to trigger mandatory disclosure rules.

Bolding mine, because little Thommy seems to have a math problem. Let's go through this again, Einstein: it would take a hundred transactions of $50 a pop to equal one $5,000 check from Daddy Warbucks. And these genuine dark money groups, which often receive between $50,000 and $250,000 from individuals, would take thousands of small transactions to achieve. Why (in the name of all that's holy) would a wealthy individual go to such trouble to mask their contributions? The answer is they wouldn't, of course. This is just Tillis grasping at strawmen:

Thursday News: Goodbye, Kakistocracy


NC'S MICHAEL REGAN BECOMES FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN TO LEAD EPA: Regan, 44, was confirmed Wednesday by the U.S. Senate to lead the agency, becoming the first Black man to be EPA Administrator. Regan was confirmed on a 66-34 vote, earning the backing of 16 Republicans, North Carolina Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis among them. Regan previously worked at the EPA from 1998 to 2008 under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He then worked at the Environmental Defense Fund, leading climate efforts in the Southeast, before joining Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration in 2017. During his tenure in his home state, DEQ reached a settlement agreement with Duke Energy to clean up 80 millions tons of coal ash. He also established the state’s first Environmental Justice and Equity Advisory Board. “He will take all the good work that he’s been doing in North Carolina to Washington,” Cooper said Wednesday.

Targeted intimidation: Klan flyers show up in advocates' yards


Solid proof of why these statues need to be removed:

Inside the plastic bag was the homemade KKK flyer -- and a business card from the East Coast Knights of the Invisible Empire. When Houpe looked closely at what her son handed her, at first, she was stunned. Then, she got angry that her son had to see it. “He cried and he asked me, ‘Do we need to move? What should we do?’” Houpe said. “I’m just a woman who wants to see change and her kids to grow up in a community without this kind of hate. That’s all I’m working to do.”

Statesville Police Chief David Addison said the flyers began showing up on Saturday -- four days after county commissioners had voted 4-1 to move the Confederate monument that’s been in front of the courthouse since 1905.

This "Invisible Empire" is probably a baker's dozen of glazed nut-jobs, but the implied threat should be taken very seriously. And this flyer should be included as evidence in the license plate lawsuit, just so Kevin Stone would be forced to explain the difference between targeted intimidation and broad-based intimidation.


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