Robinson's anti-semitism earns rebuke from ADL


Of course no apology is forthcoming:

In a statement to JI, the Anti-Defamation League denounced the lieutenant governor in the group’s first public remarks on the upstart lawmaker. “It is incumbent upon all public leaders to forcefully condemn antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and all forms of hate,” Doron Ezickson, vice president of the ADL’s Mid-Atlantic and Midwest division, told JI. “Robinson must apologize.”

But Robinson has refused to do so. “When I made those posts as a private citizen, I was speaking directly to issues that I’m passionate about,” he said at the news conference in early February. “As a public servant, I have to put those opinions behind me and do what’s right for everyone in North Carolina,” he added. “I’m grown enough to do that.”

Dude, when you're "passionate" about attacking Jews, it makes you even more dangerous, not less. And the fact you're too stupid to realize how bad that sounds is just one more item on a long list of disturbing personal quirks. But in the era of Trump, people barely notice it:

Friday News: Partisan politics, as usual


CONSERVATIVES LAUNCH AD BLITZ ABOUT OPENING SCHOOLS: The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) and N2 America announced Thursday that their new six-figure “Let Kids Learn” ad campaign will “highlight the true cost of keeping schools closed.” The campaign will target Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia, where both groups say “union-controlled politicians” are refusing to reopen schools. The ad campaign is starting just as the Republican-controlled General Assembly passed legislation this week that requires North Carolina school districts — but not charter schools — to offer in-person learning. Senate Bill 37 would also require school districts to offer daily in-person classes to special-education students. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper criticized the bill on Wednesday, saying it falls short of following state Department of Health and Human Services guidance and in giving state and local leaders the ability to respond to emergencies. Duncan is also president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, which helps elect GOP lawmakers around the country.

Thursday News: No good reason


GOP MOVE TO MAKE PROGRAM EVALUATION DIVISION PARTISAN DRAWS CRITICISM: The nearly 15-year-old unit said to have saved the state millions, known as the Program Evaluation Division, has more than a dozen staffers. They will be replaced by partisan staff tasked with similar duties in the coming weeks. Legislative leaders did not say whether staff would be laid off or transferred. Democrats aren’t alone in their discontent with the sudden change. Former Republican Rep. Craig Horn, who worked closely with the division as a chair of the committee that oversees it, said he was disappointed in the decision to eliminate the division. Turcotte announced on Twitter Monday morning the elimination of the division, saying since its inception, it has saved the state some $38.6 million annually, plus an additional $37.7 million. “My concern is that we’ve got a system of government now that is depending too much on belief and not on science and not on evidence,” Turcotte said.

Tarheel Taliban: Mark Robinson to attend Christo-Fascist gathering

NC's biggest mistake is getting bigger:

New Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is, like his predecessor Dan Forest, no stranger to controversy. Next month he’ll be proving it again, following in Forest’s footsteps as a keynote speaker for a North Carolina Renewal Project event in Raleigh.

As Policy Watch reported in 2019, the American Renewal Project holds similar expense-paid private events across the country for “church and ministry leaders, and their spouses.” Its goal, as stated by founder David Lane, is to “engage the church in a culture war for religious liberty, to restore America to our Judeo-Christian heritage and to re-establish a Christian culture.”

This isn't just some sort of fringe group waving brochures from a street corner; they are actively (and successfully) engaging in a political jihad to take over the government. Not only is a woman's right to choose at stake, but LGBTQ folks are particularly in their cross-hairs:

Wednesday News: Another Special Session?


GOP BILL WOULD ADD 6 WEEKS OF SUMMER SCHOOL TO THE CALENDAR: Students in kindergarten through third grade would focus on reading and math, and Rep. John Torbett, R-Gaston, said the summer reading camps held in recent years to get students up to grade level by the end of third grade would be incorporated into the classes. Third-graders also would have a science class each day. Students in grades four through eight would focus on reading, math and science, while those in high school would focus on any subjects needed for graduation. Enrichment classes in art, music or sports also would be provided for all students, said Torbett, who chairs the House K-12 Education committee and is also a bill sponsor. Schools would be required to provide the classes, but parents wouldn't be required to send their children.


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