Friday News: The truth will set you free


MARK ROBINSON FAILS TO BLOCK RACISM FROM NEW SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS: North Carolina now has new social studies standards that supporters say are more inclusive of different groups but that critics say are anti-American. The State Board of Education’s Democratic majority voted 7-5 on Thursday to adopt new K-12 social studies standards that include language such as having teachers discuss racism, discrimination and the perspectives of marginalized groups. The standards, which begin going into effect this fall, are supposed to guide teachers in how to discuss both the nation’s accomplishments and its failings. The standards come with a preamble written by GOP State Superintendent Catherine Truitt that says students should learn about “hard truths” such as Native American oppression, anti-Catholicism and Jim Crow.

Minority advocates worry Jan. 6 Insurrection will spawn laws that hurt them


They always get the sharp end of the stick:

“The answer ought to be to sort of pause. Because the instinct to do something is something I’m really quite afraid of,” said Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab American Institute, one of more than 130 civil and human rights organizations that say the FBI already has the tools it needs.

“White violence is consistently perpetuated and then used as justification for increased surveillance or increased state power against communities of color,” said 26-year-old Iranian American activist Hoda Katebi, who is Muslim, wears a headscarf and grew up defending herself against harassment and being called a terrorist in the years after Sept. 11, 2001.

I consider myself a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but our current gun laws are a big mess. And "Open Carry" is one of the worst ideas that has emerged from the gun culture, and the lawmakers who embrace this trend have no business holding elected office. It has only served two main purposes; to intimidate other citizens, and to "normalize" dangerous and misanthropic behavior in the public square. Law enforcement has become inured to the inherent danger of open carry in our society, which is (of course) one of the main goals of these groups. Back to the potential statutory backlash of the failed coup:

Thursday News: IOKIYAR


COMPANY WITH TIES TO TIM MOORE GETS $3.5 MILLION DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONTRACT: Noting Caitlyn’s Courage is a private nonprofit, Judson Whitehurst declined to identify the companies that bid on the project other than to confirm Tarheel won it. There is case law, however, that suggests private nonprofits spending government money on public, governmental purposes would be subject to North Carolina’s public records law. Tarheel Monitoring has two ties to House Speaker Tim Moore, a Cleveland County Republican. The wife of Tarheel Monitoring’s owner has made two campaign contributions to Moore, including $3,000 in June 2019. State records also show Raleigh attorney Gene Davis, a close friend of Moore’s who shares legal clients with him, reported an ownership in an offshoot of the business several years ago.

Meadows likely being probed by FEC for campaign spending violations


I call dibs on the new nickname Gourmet Cupcakes for Mark, but only if it makes him cry:

In October, the nonprofit government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) requesting an investigation into Meadows, based on a Salon report that detailed a series of apparent violations of the prohibition on using campaign funds for personal expenses.

Those payments covered gourmet cupcakes, grocery store purchases, a cell phone bill, posh meals and lodging at Donald Trump's Washington hotel, according to filings with the FEC. Meadows' campaign also spent thousands of dollars on "printed materials" at an upscale Washington-area custom jeweler on the day he left Congress for the White House. (The jewelry retailer has said it sells nothing that could be categorized that way.)

This is bad, but it's not as bad as using taxpayer dollars to golden parachute a serial sexual harasser. An FEC probe is nothing to scoff at, but it looks like Meadows may be facing more serious charges down the road from the Justice Department:

Wednesday News: The bell's ringing


GOVERNOR COOPER SAYS IT'S TIME FOR KIDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL: Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday he is “strongly urging” school districts to provide in-person instruction for all students — with coronavirus safety precautions in place — as pressure increases to reopen schools. “We’ve learned much more about this virus, and now it’s time to get our children back into the classroom,” Cooper said at a press conference. “Students should still have the option of remote learning this school year if that is best for them,” Cooper said. “And teachers who are at risk should be providing that remote instruction. But students who are ready to return to the classrooms should have that chance.” Cooper and Truitt sent a letter to the state’s school board members and superintendents to strongly encourage, but not require school districts to offer in-person instruction.

Tuesday News: The 4th Estate is still alive


DAILY TAR HEEL WINS SETTLEMENT FROM UNC BOG OVER SILENT SAM FIASCO: The Daily Tar Heel, UNC-Chapel Hill’s student-run newspaper, settled its lawsuit Monday against the UNC System for its handling of the Silent Sam Confederate monument legal agreements. DTH Media Corp., parent company of The Daily Tar Heel, sued the UNC System, its Board of Governors and individual board members over allegations of violating North Carolina’s Open Meetings Law in January 2020. The media group argued that the $2.5 million settlement and additional $74,999 payment between the UNC System and the N.C. Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) were “conceived, negotiated, approved and executed in total secrecy,” the lawsuit said. DTH General Manager Erica Perel told The Daily Tar Heel this case showed the accuracy and accountability of DTH’s reporting on the issue.


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