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Take Back Charlotte Canvass: This Saturday, Sept 29th

This November, we have a chance to retake the Mayor's office in Charlotte. And I want to help make that happen.

That's why I'll be in Charlotte this Saturday, September 29th, working for our Democratic municipal candidates.

I hope you'll join me this Saturday, from noon to 3:00 p.m., as we go door-to-door, spreading the word about our municipal candidates and their vision for Charlotte. Volunteers will gather at noon at Plaza Presbyterian Church, located at 2304 The Plaza, in Charlotte. From there, we'll canvass Democrats and unaffiliated voters in a nearby precinct.

With a national mood favoring Democrats and strong candidates, this could be our best chance in years to make significant gains in Charlotte's municipal races. But it's going to take hard work -- including direct voter contact on a regular basis, between now and election.

If you can join us, just reply to I hope to see you Saturday.

Best Wishes,


Is Les Merritt Playing Politics With His Position?


August 31, 2007

Contact: Kerra Bolton, (919) 821-2777, ext. 216

Republican State Auditor Les Merritt Shows No Shame in His Partisan Game

RALEIGH -- Republican State Auditor Les Merritt once again shows his partisan stripes in ousting a political challenger and then lying to cover it up.

Beth Wood, a 10-year veteran, gave last week her 30-day notice to finish pending projects and train her replacement.

But after a newspaper article appeared earlier this week about Wood’s intentions to run against her former boss, one of Mr. Merritt’s top aides told Wood not to return to work.

Wood, a Democrat, was also locked out of the building and denied access to her personal belongings.

Help Us Find Our Newest Staff Member

Jerry Meek is Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party

Hey everyone! Exciting things are happening at the North Carolina Democratic Party and I need your help.

We’re looking to hire a full time Director of Internet Communications. To check out the job description or get information on how to apply, click here.

If you know someone who would be perfect for this job, please encourage him or her to apply. Or, if you’d be willing to make a contribution to help pay his or her salary, click here.

I also need your input. If you have suggestions for creative things that our Director of Internet Communications should be doing, please let me know.

Who Should I Recruit to Defeat Dole?

Hey, everyone. The 2008 elections have already begun. And, already, I need your help. It's not clear at this point that Elizabeth Dole will actually run for re-election. She's been widely criticized for her performance as Chair of the NRSC; she's shown that she has little to no interest in what happens to North Carolina or its citizens; and, let's face it, her performance on the pre-election episode of "Meet the Press" was painful to watch.

But, even if she does run, we can beat her. So, who should I recruit to take her on? Don't limit yourselves to politicians. Are there good businesspeople or community leaders out there who share our vision and can win?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

Voter Protection Efforts 888-DEM-VOTE

Hey y’all. With reports coming out of Virginia that the Republicans are using voter intimidation and suppression tactics, we’re not taking any chances here at the State Democratic Party. We have a team of volunteer lawyers on hand both here and across the State (particularly in highly competitive districts) to assist voters who encounter problems with voting.

But we need your help. Please make sure voters know of our voter protection hotline, 888-DEM-VOTE. Callers to the hotline will be transferred directly to the State Party for assistance.

In addition, if you witness or know of voter intimidation or suppression tactics being used, or of other voting irregularities, feel free to email me directly at

Thanks. In a little over 9 hours, let’s celebrate.

Know your voting rights!


If you are registered to vote,
Every registered voter is entitled to cast a provisional ballot.

Check your North Carolina voter registration and polling place location here.

If you are in line before the poll's closing time, you are entitled to vote.
North Carolina polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7th.

You are entitled to view a sample ballot at the polling place before

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, call the Democratic Party's Voting Rights Hotline at 1-888-DEM-VOTE (1-888-336-8683)

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go"

Also posted to MyDD and DailyKos

With the latest poll showing Larry Kissell in a dead heat against Republican Congressman Robin Hayes (NC-8), I'm getting my sleeping bag ready. On Sunday, I'm heading down to the 8th district, where I'll spend the entire week campaigning for Larry. I'll be making phone calls, canvassing, meeting with the "movers and shakers" in the district, attending events - and, well, pretty much anything else the campaign wants me to do. With 47% polling for Hayes and 46% for Kissell, this race can go either way. I want to make sure it goes our way.

Painting the Canvass Blue

I’m a big believer in grassroots politickin’. So much so, that I’ve been spending my Saturdays going door-to-door with candidates across North Carolina – something I’ll be doing each Saturday between now and the election.

While I spend a lot of time raising money and communicating through paid and free media, I know that there’s just no substitute for having a real conversation with voters about the things that trouble them.

That’s why here in North Carolina we have established a Training Committee that’s been hard at work teaching people the basics. So far they’ve trained over 500 people in 25 counties. And between now and the election, they’re expected to reach another 300 people.

Recently, this committee – under the leadership of Jeff Marsocci and Beth Secosky – produced an outstanding video on how to do door-to-door canvassing. Whether you’re new to this, or an old-timer, you should check it out. Watch it at

I hope you’ll be out there canvassing with me between now and November 7th.

89 Days to Victory: How you can help.

Blue NC readers:

You saw it in Connecticut on Tuesday—Democrats are energized. The November election will be a referendum on Bush's failed policies and Republicans clearly see the writing on the wall. Incumbents who appear to be too close to President Bush, or are seen as out of touch, have a higher risk of being swept up in the anti-incumbent wave.

In 89 days, we will send that message loud and clear. And I need your help.

The 50 State Strategy Working in NC

Jerry Meek is Chair of the NC Democratic Party

You’ve probably heard a lot about the DNC’s “50 State Strategy” lately.

When Gov. Dean ran for National Chairman, I voted for him in part because he promised that Democrats wouldn’t give up in any State and that State Parties would be true partners with the DNC. He’s keeping his promise, and it’s paying off right here in North Carolina.

After his election, Gov. Dean sent a team to North Carolina to find out what we needed as a State Party. Ours was the first State in the nation to which a team was sent. And, as a result of this assessment, North Carolina now has three new regional political directors – paid for by the DNC, but managed by the State Party – who are traveling the State, training local party leaders and helping to build local organizations.


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