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Tuesday News: ALEC's new poster boy

NC REP JASON SAINE AWARDED ALEC'S TOP CORPORATE SELLOUT PRIZE: State Rep. Jason Saine, a Republican from Lincolnton, will be the next chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a conservative group backed by corporations that proposes model legislation for state legislators to introduce. Saine will serve a one-year term beginning January 1, an ALEC spokesman said in an email. Saine spoke at ALEC’s States & Nation Policy Summit last week in Nashville, Tenn. He hailed the coming 45th anniversary of ALEC, and encouraged attendance at the anniversary celebration next year at the Trump International Hotel. The event is aimed at raising millions for the ALEC endowment, he said. The 45th anniversary “is an incredible validation that an idea exchange works,” Saine said.

Monday News: Narcissist-In-Chief

TELEVISION AND TWITTER SET THE TONE FOR TRUMP'S TWISTED LEADERSHIP AND POLICY: Around 5:30 each morning, President Donald Trump wakes and tunes in to the television in the White House’s master bedroom. He flips to CNN for news, moves to “Fox & Friends” for comfort and messaging ideas, and sometimes watches MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” because, friends suspect, it fires him up for the day. Energized, infuriated – often a gumbo of both – Trump grabs his iPhone. Sometimes he tweets while propped on his pillow, according to aides. Other times he tweets from the den next door, watching another television. Before taking office, Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals. People close to him estimate that Trump spends at least four hours a day, and sometimes as much as twice that, in front of a television, sometimes with the volume muted, marinating in the no-holds-barred wars of cable news and eager to fire back.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


UNHAPPY LEGISLATORS SLING MUD AT COURT: The legislature’s redistricting plans have invariably been concocted in secret, keeping motives and methods far from the view of the public they serve. GOP leaders have also relied on their own taxpayer-financed “outside expert” for help drawing the gerrymandered maps, which is conveniently forgotten amid their outrage over Persily’s alternative plan. There’s no mystery about what Persily’s done or how he’s done it. He has been open, transparent and explicit about his methods and criteria. Legislators and others have had broad opportunities for input. Rather than seeking ways to minimize some voters’ voices, Persily worked to give all voters a full voice in picking their representatives. The only transparency coming out of the General Assembly these days is the hyper-partisan, inappropriate and insulting braying to impugn the work of a bipartisan panel of judges -- working simply to bring fairness to North Carolina’s elections.

Saturday News: Carolina Red?


UNC BOG CONTEMPLATING FORMING A RIGHT-WING "CENTER" ON CHAPEL HILL CAMPUS: Members of the UNC Board of Governors are exploring the idea of establishing a conservative-leaning center at UNC-Chapel Hill that they say would foster debate and achieve more intellectual diversity. The board will hear a presentation Friday from Robert “Robby” George, founder and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. A delegation of UNC board members and administrators made a university-funded trip to Princeton this fall to learn more about the program, which was founded in 2000, according to its website, to explore “enduring questions of American constitutional law and Western political thought.”

Friday News: California burning

VENTURA COUNTY ENGULFED IN STATE'S 3RD MAJOR WILDFIRE OF 2017: Steve Andruszkewicz and his neighbor Joseph Ruffner returned to their Faria Beach Colony homes just north of Ventura on Thursday to discover the flames that appeared to have spared the houses were threatening them once again. "I thought we were done yesterday," Ruffner said, adding he and his family returned to their home in the morning to see a wall of fire that seemed to be a safe distance away. But then it moved in, spraying hot embers onto the neighborhood. "It's coming back to burn what it didn't burn yesterday," he said. Firefighters urged people to leave the beachfront community, where electricity was out. "We're leaving," Andruszkewicz said as he and his wife sprayed palm trees with water from garden hoses first. Ruffner said he was staying put. "I bought a generator yesterday so at least I can see on TV what's going on," he said.

Thursday News: Dirty tricks by GOP pricks

CLUB FOR GROWTH DARLING TED BUDD USES FAKE WEBSITE TO ATTACK DEM OPPONENT: Manning filed her candidacy Wednesday for the Democratic nomination in North Carolina’s 13th District, a seat now held by first-term Republican Rep. Ted Budd. Manning’s announcement was first reported by The News & Record in Greensboro. If you want to find out more about Manning, you can always visit her website. But Budd’s campaign already claimed, offering its assessment of “The Real Kathy Manning” and labeling her as “an establishment Democrat insider” with ties to national Democratic political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Wednesday News: Provocateur-In-Chief


TRUMP ENRAGES MUSLIM NATIONS WITH RECOGNITION OF JERUSALEM AS CAPITOL: The Arab League said it will hold an emergency meeting for foreign ministers on Saturday and Turkey announced it would host a meeting of Islamic nations next week to give Muslim countries' leaders an opportunity to act together and coordinate following Trump's move. Palestinian officials declared the Mideast peace process "finished." Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, slammed Trump's imminent recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel while in Syria, a Foreign Ministry statement said the anticipated announcement is a "dangerous step" that will fuel global conflict. It described Trump's imminent move as the "culmination of the crime of the seizing of Palestine and the displacement of the Palestinian people" and urged Arab states to stop normalizing relations with Israel. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the "whole world is against" President Donald Trump's move and argued that moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be a "grave mistake."

Tuesday News: NC exports justice


REVEREND BARBER TAKES MORAL MONDAY MOVEMENT NATIONWIDE: A national “Moral Revival” effort that has echoes of North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” protests will be launched next spring by the Rev. William Barber II and his co-chair at the Poor People’s Campaign. “We must transform the moral narrative in this country,” Barber, who led N.C.’s Moral Monday efforts, said in a statement announcing the plan ahead of a Monday news conference. “We went through the most expensive presidential campaign in U.S. history in 2016 without a single serious discussion of poverty and systemic racism. Now we are witnessing an emboldened attack on the poor and an exacerbation of systemic racism that demands a response." Barber served as leader of the N.C. conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People from 2005 until he stepped down in October.

Monday News: Juvenile injustice


"RAISE THE AGE" PANEL BEGINS WORK TO STOP PROSECUTING MINORS AS ADULTS: North Carolina legislators have agreed to stop being the only state that automatically prosecutes 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for crimes in two years. Now a committee charged with ensuring the "raise the age" legislation approved last summer is carried out well is beginning its work. The Juvenile Jurisdiction Advisory Committee scheduled its first meeting for Monday in Raleigh. The panel comprised of law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates for victims and juveniles and others are supposed to develop the plan that increases the age of juvenile jurisdiction for young people charged with misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. The "raise the age" law directs the change in December 2019.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


CONSUMERS SHOULDN'T PAY FOR DUKE ENERGY'S COAL ASH BUNGLES: As a regulated monopoly, Duke Energy has an obligation to produce reliable, affordable and safe power while still being guaranteed a reasonable profit for the company and its shareholders. It is up to the state Utilities Commission to determine that balance. When the company fails to meet one of the three obligations it has to its customers, it isn’t the fault of the ratepayers, nor should it be their responsibility to pay. The Utilities Commission shouldn’t reward Duke for the failure to do its job, nor should its ratepayers, who have no other choice for electric service, be forced to subsidize that failure. No matter what the rate increase the Utilities Commission may approve, it should not include costs of dealing with Duke’s coal ash mistake.


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