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A History of Marijuana Law Reform in NC, Part II - 2001 to Present

2001 – 2002 Session

House Bill 1240, Medical Use of Marijuana/Study, sponsored by Democrat Paul Luebke – proposed a Legislative Research Commission to study the lawful possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana for the purpose of treating or alleviating pain or other symptoms associated with certain debilitating medical conditions. Referred to Rules Committee and postponed indefinitely.

2003 – 2004 Session

A History of Marijuana Law Reform in NC, Part I: Decriminalization

During the 1970’s, lawmakers across the country were forced to deal with an explosion of arrests for marijuana possession. Many legislators were especially concerned that young people from good families would live under the cloud of a felony record for the sole crime of possessing a few joints. In 1977, North Carolina decriminalized possession of marijuana making a first time offense of possession of up to one ounce a misdemeanor with a suspended sentence and a $100.00 fine.

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