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These women......and the guys too

As democrats take a long hard look at these women [and the men] we have running as our candidates. They are quality people, one and all, and we should be proud to have them carrying the banner of our party.

As a county party chair I have had a chance to work with almost all of them over the last year.They are to a person great folks that care about the people of this state and their lot in life. They are kind and concerned about this state, and are willing to take the time and efford to move this state forward.

I have had the honor of hosting many of these candidates at events in my county and surrounding counties in Eastern North Carolina. They are, to the man or woman, people of substance. They are people that are willing to work for the good of the state and her people.

Wounds licked


I haven't been on in awhile as I have been very busy with work.

That said, before the primary, when I was supporting Sen. Clinton, I was asked if I would support Sen. Obama if he won, and my ansewer was I don't know.

Well I do now.

Sure there were many of us that had to lick our wounds,as we had much vested in Sen. Clinton's run.

However in the last 2 weeks, in my position of party chair for my county, I have had the chance to work with young people from the Obama fellows program. I have had the chance to meet and speak with supporters of Sen. Obama as they have come by headquarters to check on signs and bumper stickers.
Last night I had the chance to attend 2 Unity house parties and met many people that I have never seen active in democratic politics.

My sister's mental block

My dear younger sister was home last weekend for Easter. She went to school at Ap and fell in love with Boone and never left.
We were talking politics after dinner last Sunday and I asked her a question.
" Who is your congressman?"
She looked at me with a stunned look on her face and replied," I don't know."

But then she recovered in just a moment and blurted out, Virginia Foxx.

She went on to tell me," she's so damn bad I just try to block her out of my mind."

I wanted to share that with you because I know their are many of you that agree with her exact thought [ or lack of one] about Virgina Foxx.

Jones County Voter League Candidate Forum

On Saturday, March 22,2008 the Jones County Voter League will be hosting a candidate forum from 12.00 noon until 3.00 PM at the Jones County Civic Center,Hwy 58 between Pollocksville and Trenton.
A free lunch will be served. [ BBQ, BBQ turkey, fried fish]
Come and have a chance to meet and listen to many statewide candidates.


Congressman Butterfield
Sec. of State Elaine Marshall
Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr.June Atkinson
Rep. Van Braxton
Rep. Russel Tucker
Mr. Bob Eakes, Lt. Gov Bev Purdue's husband,speaking on her behalf.
Jim Neal,candidate for US Senate
Beth Wood, candidate for auditor
Robin Anderson , candidate for labor commissioner
Wayne Goodwin, candidate for insurance commissioner
Ronnie Ansley, candidate for ag. commissioner


After watching the news and looking here on the web and reading the statements by Sen.Obama's former pastor, I have serious doubts about Sen.Obama's judgment.

Am I the only person on this blog that is outraged by that statement?

A man that desires to be President of these United States, and his pastor preaches from the pulpit, God damn America.
Sen. Obama knew this was coming but did nothing to deny it or refute it. When questions arose about Rev. Wright, Obama tried to pass it off as “just a member of the family that you don't always agree with." "Like an old uncle"

Well if my old uncle stood up at a family gathering and said “God DAMN America"
He would have a bloody nose before I threw his ass in the street.


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