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Day 41

Responding to a Tillis troll on Facebook:

The reason I criticize the Senator constantly is that he NEVER does anything that warrants praise. Tillis is a shameless self-promoter whose only real accomplishment is his ability to run away from constituents without getting fragged. He's been the primary sponsor of exactly ZERO pieces of significant legislation in more than five years. He lies on a daily basis, all in service of kissing Trump's ass. And he's proven he's willing to tear our state and our country to shreds so he can stay in office.

Day 40: Do something useful. Save the Post Office.

Enough navel gazing. Here's a small-but-important thing you can do today: Grab a pen and paper and draft a hand-written letter to Senators Tillis and Burr, imploring them to fully fund the United States Postal Service. We cannot let this valuable and cherished institution fall prey to the insanity of Donald F. Trump. Here's what my letters say:

Day 39

A Facebook conversation sums up my understanding of where things stand in the land of the free and the home of President Lysol.

Person 1: I don't care what the government says about May 8, I'm staying home. This thing is NOT going away.

Person 2: Not me man. Can't wait to get out and do something. Anything.

Person 1: The disease will still be hanging around us. There's no vaccine or cure.

Person 3: There are thousands of diseases without cures. Get used to it.

Person 1: But few of them are as contagious. Or as deadly.

Day 37

Jane and I were ready for the Chapel Hill garden tour this weekend, but it's not happening because of the Trump pandemic. Our daughter's May 2nd wedding has been postponed to a time to be determined. First world problems, I know.

President Lysol is truly blowing my mind. I. Can't. Even.

Day 36

I'm thinking I might be in favor of re-opening NASCAR, as soon as we can get one tiny little detail locked down.

Day 32

A friend just called to say that two of his family members have been hospitalized. It turns out that neither has been infected by the coronavirus, but one had an upper respiratory tract infection and the other had pneumonia. Neither has health insurance. Under Tim Moore's half-baked plan to expand Medicaid temporarily to deal with the Trump Pandemic, neither of these people would be covered.

Day 31

I spent the day digging through current knowledge about the coronavirus and public policy on how the world is responding. There's good news, bad news, and worse news.


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