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A close friend of mine died last night at age 94. From what I can tell, it was as good a death as one can expect these days. A death while sleeping.

It wasn't a death from Russian missile strikes. It wasn't a death caused by a botched back-alley abortion. It wasn't a death caused by a denied insurance claim. It wasn't a death caused by opioid addiction. It wasn't a death from suicide. It wasn't a death from freezing.


We had a big scare over the last three weeks. Our website went down and all of our data seemed to be lost. Over the last couple of days we were saved by Betsy, who came to the rescue and got us back up and running. Our biggest fear was that we may have lost 16 years of data. But that didn’t happen.

Now we’re in the spot where we have to decide what to do with ourselves. I know Steve probably has felt quite a bit of relief from not having to do daily updates and posts. And me? I’ve been missing in action for quite a while already.

The Russian Caucus in the US House of Representatives

How about this for a thought experiment?

Imagine for a moment that Joe Biden adopted the behaviors and mentality of Vladimir Putin, becoming a ruthless autocrat.

Now imagine what would happen to members of the US Congressional caucus who have been rushing to criticize Biden at every turn. I'm talking about people like Elise Stefanik, Maddie Cawthorn, Gym Jordon, and Tom Cotton.


I'm ex-military, served in the US Navy from 1968 to 1977. I spent three years jumping out of aircraft in conflict zones as part of an advance team of naval gunfire spotters. I was lucky. I never got shot at.

Unlike so many cowards in Congress, I've actually put my life on the line for this country. Most of the time we were doing things that needed to be done, in my opinion. Trying to keep dictators and Nazis at bay.

Naming names

It's my general view that Democrats have a LOT of room for improvement when it comes to naming things. "Defund the police" is one of our most recent messaging fiascos, but it by no means stands alone.

One particularly annoying thing we do is sacrifice important words. For example, in a bizarre ironic twist, we've all but ceded the word "freedom" to GOP fascists.

I believe "freedom" should be a cornerstone of liberal messaging, including the freedom to bear arms. (As an aside, we will NOT win the war of words over 2nd Amendment rights. Stop talking about it.)

Courts are for justice

The laws of North Carolina and our state constitution itself are indisputably subservient to the Constitution of the United States. The language is explicit.

Sec. 5. Allegiance to the United States.
Every citizen of this State owes paramount allegiance to the Constitution and government of the United States, and no law or ordinance of the State in contravention or subversion thereof can have any binding force.


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