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Thanks Steve

We're a few weeks out from election day, and I want to take a minute before the frenzy kicks in ... to thank Steve Harrison for all he does to make BlueNC work. A steady, creative hand is what the site needs, and a steady, creative hand is what Steve brings.


My wife Jane wants to talk about the Kavanaugh clusterfuck, and I feel obliged to hear her out. She's trying to make sense of something that is hideously unfair and grotesque. I know I can't help, but I listen. It's heart-breaking in every way.

Two, four, six, eight, no amendments, no debate

In case you haven't heard, the amendment mess is even worse than we thought. With half of the latest special session behind us (the Senate meets on Monday), no one knows what which amendments will be on the ballot and which will not. Since the House didn't repeal the two amendments challenged by Cooper and the NAACP, will those need to be on the ballot? Could be. It all depends on whether the clowns in the legislature figure out how to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Out-of-state funders will spend $5 million to push the unnecessary Victims' Rights Amendment

No one knows how many amendments will be on the November ballot, but it's a safe bet one of them will be about victims' rights. Backers of the amendment would have us believe there's no way to protect victims' rights without amending the North Carolina Constitution -- again -- to make victims an even more protected class. That's just nonsense. Every single thing proponents want to do with this amendment could be done using regular legislation.


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