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Center right

Lately I've been thinking that my progressive views are actually quite moderate, maybe even slightly to the right of center.

In some areas, I know I straddle the middle. For example, I'd like to see health reform that gives people a public option, paid for by taxpayer dollars, while preserving whatever private insurance anyone might wish to buy. In the realm of public education, I'd like to see many more (and smaller) charter schools, so long as they are effectively overseen by the Department of Public Instruction.

Open threat

This evening post is usually called "Open Thread." But these days, it's really open threat. With an army of gun and god fetishists, and Bill Barr at the helm, the Trump Party has gone full Nazi. This is some scary shit.

A month to go ... updated

In 30 days North Carolina will vote for candidates to run in the general election in November. To say there's a lot at stake is an extreme understatement. Not just for our country, but also for our state.

I'm voting for Erica Smith

This is not a BlueNC endorsement. It's my personal choice.

I had been planning to keep quiet through primary season in the interest of peace and harmony. But last night, after doing hours of research and thinking hard about our system of government, I decided to support Erica Smith for US Senate. Erica checks all the boxes for me, and perhaps most important, she's an African American woman.

Tillis and Meadows: Abandon ship ... or go down with the ship?

It's not often two national politicians can be tied together with a single fancy ribbon, but Thom Tillis and Mark Meadows certainly can. They're both hyper-partisan shills for Donald F. Trump, fluffing the Orange One with no regard for truth, decency, or constitutional responsibility. Each has a daily Twitter presence that sings Trump's praises while denigrating fully half of their constituents with accusations of being part of a liberal mob.


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