New Burr Challenger - Republican!

Digging in Federal paperwork this week I came across an unfamiliar name that led to this curious statement on a Facebook page:

Have you noticed that Senator Burr has suddenly become a little more visible? The Party is concerned that he’s the most vulnerable Republican Senator preparing for 2010 elections. The John Locke Foundation states that he’s not unpopular just unknown and needs to define himself before the electorate. Where has he been since he first arrived in Washington in 1994? Fifteen years later and you’re still unknown, Senator? Where have you been hiding? You haven’t been in North Carolina listening to the people who elected you!

What to make of this? ...

I had come across a recent IRS filing for "Burks for Senate Committee". I assumed it was a state race until I came to the bottom of the form which read "The purpose of Burks For Senate Committee is to elect Eddie Burks to the US Senate for NC." My real surprise was to discover he's a Republican.

Eddie Burks is a conservative Republican member of the Asheboro City Council. A major claim to fame and, clue to his position on issues, is strident but unsuccessful opposition to alcohol sales in Asheboro, which had been dry for years, at least until a 2008 referendum. Supporting the referendum was then City Councilman Keith Crisco, now NC Secretary of Commerce, who was part of the 4/3 majority in May 2008 that put the referendum on the ballot. In July 2008 voters decided that the city should have ABC stores, beer and wine sales, and liquor-by-the-drink in bars and restaurants. Later in August the same 4/3 majority voted in new ABC board members. Burks, who was part of the candidate selection process, voted against the new members including one he had recommended.

Some of Burks' opposition to the referendum is rooted in his religious views and some in his views on immigration. In 2008 the Randolph Guide quizzed Asheboro City Council members on their positions with respect to the alcohol referendum. Among Burks responses were the following:

I will be able to stand on my front porch and see a cantina, corner bars will pop up, some of the chain restaurants will sell alcohol, but most of the local restaurants won’t.

It appears the proponents are much more organized and well-financed. The population has changed. There’s a tremendous Hispanic population that was much smaller in 1994. I don’t know how many are eligible to vote but they could have an impact on the election.

His campaign website and Facebook page expand his views on immigration which seem to be bound up in a universal cheeseball theory of economics, national security and foreign and domestic policy.

Bring our troops home to secure our own borders. That’s real homeland security. Take the money we would give to those who hate us and rebuild our own crumbling infratructure (sic). Make English the Official Language of the United States. The motto “United We Stand” is without meaning now. Somewhere along the way we stored away the great melting pot of America into a dark cupboard of political correctness. Give legal immigrants the chance to succeed and throw out the illegals. If we cut off the taxpayer dollars that flow all too freely to those here illegally, only those here legally will stay. What part of “illegal” is so hard for Washington to understand? If one is here illegally, does not that individual have greater capacity to be an invading terrorist bent on our destruction? Terror is just as bad whether it is bombing or robbing the treasury of our tax dollars.

He's no Vernon Robinson but he's adding a little interest to the dismal Republican side of things. And, if he has a fundraising party, expect it to be a Tea Party, with no alcohol.




Earlier today the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) posted that Richard Burr declined meet with the NCAE's Government Relations Committee which recommends candidates to its 65,000 members.

Richard Burr's re-election campaign left a voice message at NCAE last week that the 16-year veteran politician did not have time to meet with North Carolina educators.

Burks observed on his Facebook Page:

Burr just turned down speaking with the NCAE so I'll be the lone Republican in front of 65,000 potential votes. Most will go Democrat, but I should pick up all those who don't. My wife's a teacher.

And then there is this from his Facebook page

I found this statement on Burks' Facebook page a bit telling: "Send emails to friends and family, even if they're out of state."

And then there's a response on that page from some gal whose nickname is "Bush". Not sure how she picked up that nickname but...well, I'll leave it there.

Bud Lite Or Bud Heavy Senator?

What to make of this?*Greg

Not much! But I am sure Senator Burr will drink to that for having a dead ringer in the Republican primary race.

Burr v Burks

He'd only have to remove 1 letter and add 2 to the name plate.

Council Member Burrk moves into the Red State Senator's Zone

He'd only have to remove 1 letter and add 2 to the name plate* Greg

Have you ever notice Republican Retarded Redneck primary voting patterns in this State? "He could go all the way" and have Senator Burr throwing the Red flag on a disputed voter call! Maybe John Hood could be right about Senator Burr name ID over the years?

Believe it or not! That pattern exsists in State Wide Judical Races and Republican local Congressional Primaries

Bring back the Draft and end the phony corporate wars now?

The time has come to take a serious look at bringing back universal service. National pride has been in a downward spiral since the draft ended. Two years of military service is little to ask for the priviledge of living in America* Burk

Poor Soul! I would hope they bring back the Draft! It would end the Corporate Terrorist Wars in Afganhstan and Iraq in a heartbeat like Nam, when the students took to the streets and campus's to stop the War. And if the draft was put into effect, he would be shocked to find out how many Chickenhawks Republicans would take Student deferments like they did in the 60' Dick Cheney, Newt G..... and a massive host of neo-cons on Bush 1 and Bush 2 Presidential staff and their foreigh advisers

I agree...IF....

the draft is really impartial and the families of the schmucks who decide to make war have just as an equal opportunity to go as the rest of the populace.

Stan Bozarth

Disgusting excuse for a human being

Our fair Senator is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He voted to let women who were physically raped to be emotionally, financially, and judicially raped by voting against the Franken Amemdment concerning hyper-restrictive employment agreements.

I hope his mother, wife, or other female relatives never work for a company with such draconian restrictions.

Oh, wait - he does not have to worry about that.... 70 other Senators WERE decent human beings and voted FOR the amendment!

Burr must go!

And if he's loses this primary! The GOP will have absolutely no chance of winning in the General. :-) I like how things are looking.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!