Who Should I Recruit to Defeat Dole?

Hey, everyone. The 2008 elections have already begun. And, already, I need your help. It's not clear at this point that Elizabeth Dole will actually run for re-election. She's been widely criticized for her performance as Chair of the NRSC; she's shown that she has little to no interest in what happens to North Carolina or its citizens; and, let's face it, her performance on the pre-election episode of "Meet the Press" was painful to watch.

But, even if she does run, we can beat her. So, who should I recruit to take her on? Don't limit yourselves to politicians. Are there good businesspeople or community leaders out there who share our vision and can win?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.


Consider Keith Holliday

I love Brad Miller as my congressman but I still seriously doubt his ability to appeal to voters in the more conservative areas without appearing to move right. I think Greensboro Mayor Keith Holliday has a shot at across the board appeal. As a mayor he is insulated from potentially labeling votes on the congress floor. This being the case he has complete control over the image he wants to showcase. He is also from the banking sector he could make fiscal responsibility his personal slogan, not to mention the funds he could amass being a bank president. Then there is the telegentic appeal and a record of promoting transportation and biking lanes in greensboro. We is not very well known outside the triad but some very well placed events to introduce the state to Holliday could definitely fix this problem. He is well worth considering.