Bev Perdue BlueNC Debate Thread

Welcome Lt. Governor Bev Perdue and thank you for participating in the BlueNC Gubernatorial Debate.

Bev Perdue and Richard Moore will face off in the NC primary election on May 6, 2008. Tonight is your chance to ask Bev Perdue the questions that will help you decide how you will vote in May. Please follow below the fold to view the debate, leave questions and respond to Bev Perdue's answers to your questions.


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I hope you know me well enough to know

I was joking. I have cows behind my house. I will use their fertilizer. :D

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Non profit organizations across our state receive enormous amounts of state funds with little surpervision of the use or abuse of these funds and the treatment of their employees. What changes would you make to insure that these agencies are "in compliance" for more issues than just the grant requirements ie. sufficient and proper services to their clients, proper treatment of employees, a state wide policy to provide anonymous protection for employees who report abuse and/or hostile workplace environments and who report misuse of state funding to the state funding agencies, and a contact person at the state level where the employees can report any type of abuse with anonymity for any type of abuse? Presently the employees are subject to little or no assistance at the state level and certainly no protection in reporting these abuses and these very agencies are operating "at will" with huge amounts of our state tax monies.

Waste of time

I can honestly say I got very little if anything from this. I only saw about 3 or 4 answers from Richard Moore, and maybe 9 from Ms. Purdue and no followup.

How are they going to pay for free community college tuition? How is Bev Purdue going to fund UNCCH and other state schools free or reduced tuition?

No answers.

What about helping out the taxpayers of this great state? We are taxed higher than any neighboring states. And what about our deteriorating roads?

Stick around

That's 13 or so pieces of information you didn't have at 7.30pm

Thanks for asking the questions. Hopefully they will answer them over the next few days. I haven't heard about free community college tuition though. That's a new one one me.


We are also better than most of our neighboring states.

Assuming that your claim of higher taxes is true, we get what we pay for. I recently spent a few months in New Hampshire. They have no income tax and no sales tax. Taxpayers there are "lucky" and "free". And their kids have a horrible education system. Public Universities cost almost as much as private schools in other states. Many cities and towns have horrible schools. One town spent almost 30 years trying to get a new high school built.

But hey, if you are willing to trade our future for a few extra bucks then go for it. Just do it somewhere else.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Consider taxes across the board

I think it's not true that we are taxed higher than other states in the region. Somebody had some stats here on BlueNC, probably a year ago, I'll see if I can dig them up again. But to make a fair comparison, you have to consider all taxes, at all levels within the state. A state like NH that has very low taxes on the state level has extremely high taxes on the county level. Do you have any idea what property taxes are now in NH?

Also, as you accurately pointed out,we are getting our money's worth for the taxes we pay.

C Dawg, where have you been?

good to see ya around.

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But you're not welcome to be a jerk, not tonight anyway. I just deleted one of your comments and I'm happy to keep doing that if necessary.

Opinion of Debate

I have to say that nothing was really new there. The one thing that bothers me is that while the statement was made about the mudslinging and how we want to see commercials about issues and not faults Bev Purdue felt the need to do something really second grade....HE STARTED IT!!! Really??? That was so important to say???

Doesn't matter who started it, why did you have to reciprocate? I just hope going forward that they both see those ads don't endear anyone to them. It is actually a turn off.

And I agree about follow up questions...if community colleges are going to be free according to both candidates, how is that education going to be paid for? Are you going to change the education lottery to pay for it? Raise taxes? Increase a sales tax?

And while same sex marriage may not impact me directly, I do agree that it is an issue for all concerned. I do support same sex marriage even though it would not be my choice. But, unfortunately women are still being paid less than men in the same position so this country still has a long way to go for complete acceptance.

And maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention but I am curious to know whom each person would like to see as the Democratic Presidential Candidate and why?

Thanks to you guys for the hard work you put in for last night. GREAT JOB!!!

"Some People Fly, And Some Of Us Worry...I'd Risk It All To Have Wings!" Queensryche

"Some People Fly, And Some Of Us Worry...I'd Risk It All To Have Wings!" Queensryche

Thanks Holly!

I hope you will stop by more often and join in every now and then. We've learned a lot with this first debate and will be putting something together hopefully for the candidates for Lieutenant Governor. It will be a bit trickier, but we can handle it.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Wow. Bev Perdue came back!

I guess she's got that bloggin' blood now.

Seriously, I consider this really good form - not to mention high-marks in the substance department.

Thank you, ma'am. This is a big plus in my book.

I like the NEW Bev Perdue commercials

I have read that negative ads supposedly work, but I can't see how the ones the two dems were running helped anyone except the GOP.

I LOVE Bev's new ads, I can actually tell what her plans and or agenda are all about.

I look forward to hearing more about how we can accomplish some of those goals.

There are some people in Blue NC who are very involved in the healthcare issue, and we have some excellent lawmakers, namely one Rep Verla Insko who is great on this issue.

I haven't learned anything from Moore's commercials except that he is still helping the republican GOV candidate, maybe not on purpose, but that's what he's doing.

I would hate to see a GOP Governor elected over NC, wouldn't you?????