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    Who would have thought that John "Bomb It" Bolton had actual principles that he wouldn't violate and that concurred with the Constitution? Will wonders never cease?

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    Not a parody...

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    This week's featured artists are right-wing letter writers like Alvin Bolick:

    With candidates like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, I don’t think the Republicans will need the Oct. 8 Forum writer’s vote for a win again in 2020. So will the Democrats get over the 2016 loss and do what you were sent to Congress to do and stop all the crying.

    I once was a Democrat but switched parties before the last election. Now I am ashamed to admit I was ever a Democrat.

    No, you didn't "switch" parties, you're now registered as Unaffiliated. That's not a party, it's actually a rejection of the two-party system. Which is fine, but if you're too leery of the Republican Party to associate with it, be a man and admit it.

    And here's a little repetitive nonsense from Paul Valone:

    Regarding “The gun lobby and the North Carolina legislature: How much money, how much influence?” (Oct. 10):

    Grass Roots North Carolina is a grassroots movement.

    This article says GRNC “has donated much smaller amounts to state lawmakers” than the NRA, without saying why: With rare exceptions, we don’t throw money at politicians who often “re-gift” to anti-gun candidates. Instead, we conduct “independent expenditures” wherein volunteers generate millions of emails, voter guides, postcards, robocalls, social media ads, even radio advertising, all to empower gun-owning voters.

    These volunteers have prevailed in dozens of state and federal races. Ironically, media which malign the NRA for funding candidates simultaneously disdain volunteers who win by doing exactly the opposite.

    Make no mistake, your "independent" expenditures are made for the same reason the NRA throws money at candidates, so you can lean on those Republicans to get laws you want passed. And your reputation for being a bully is well-established; those lawmakers know if they don't do what you want them to, GRNC will get vicious. With friends like that...

    And here's some predictable nonsense from Mark Johnson:

    I travel the state often to avoid becoming yet another Raleigh insider who never meets face-to-face with constituents. I frequently hear about the delay in response time caused by bureaucracy. I also get to see firsthand how N.C. teachers make use of iPads to help provide better, personalized opportunities for students.

    In 2019, my team and I made operations at DPI more efficient and, consequently, had money in the budget at the end of the fiscal year. We decided to use those funds to directly support classrooms.

    I ran for office to be an agent of change. I knew that meant establishment insiders and media elites would never like me. But I work for the people of North Carolina.

    That's not just word salad, there's some deeply-rooted self-love in there that makes me cringe...

    We'll finish with this little nugget from Neil Gustafson:

    Want to know why Donald Trump got elected?

    Trump asks that Hunter Biden be investigated for possible corruption for his role on the board of a Ukrainian company while his father was vice president. Biden, who received hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, had no apparent qualifications for this “job.”

    But no one questions Biden (it may well have been legal) and the establishment wants to impeach Trump.

    So...Trump got elected because of something he had not done yet? Oh, I know what you're talking about, it's about Draining the Swamp, isn't it? Like Giuliani's henchmen getting arrested, with Rudy soon to follow. Or Paul Manafort. Or Micheal Flynn. Or Rick Gates. Or Roger Stone. Or George Papadopoulos. I could go on, but we're still draining the swamp, so...

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    that Charles Francis bowed out and conceded. I don't live in (or even near) Raleigh, but many of my Facebook friends do, and this election has been exceptionally ugly. The term "reductive" seems like a vast understatement to describe the insults and criticisms that have been leveled, and while most of that was in City Council races, the Mayoral contest got a little stinky, too.

    Another month of that would have harshed my buzz fer sher, and distracted me from my own election campaign. I'm off in a few minutes to shake babies and kiss hands at our annual Fall Festival, so light a candle for me...

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    and the rats are fleeing in increasing numbers. Just today, we've learned that not only is Ambassador Yovanovitch testifying in defiance of the administration that fired her, Ambassador Sondland has agreed to answer the subpoena issued for his testimony as well. It's only a mater of time before those who aren't directly implicated in Trump's crimes decide that jumping overboard is preferable to going down with the ship. That's especially true with Trump, since he's all too likely to push someone else overboard to try and save his own skin. But this time, it looks like he's the one headed for Davy Jones' locker.