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    What mind?

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    The insurrectionists on January 6 are terrorists and traitors. Any member of Congress who defends and supports them should be classified the same way. All of this to support a "thing" like Donald Trump who had no business as president in the first place. As a result, we have people in Congress as well as our own state legislature who have no business in their positions as well. Our so-called Lieutenant Governor is another prime example. People need to do some serious research on candidates. The problem is that it takes a little intellectual effort on their part.

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    Mark Robinson looks as though he's eaten more than his share of hot dogs without having the least concern of what is in them, and then comes out and appeases his masters by saying he's "Leery of vaccines." What a moronic idiot.

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    I think I could actually get some decent sleep in there...

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    The almighty GOP simply does not want to face the truth about January 6. The sad part is that the Trump-worshiping lunatic fringe is nothing more that a bunch of traitors supporting the traitors that stormed the Capitol.