Another Execution; Another Appeal for Clemency

Mike Easley will be faced with another appeal for clemency this month. Granting clemency would change the death penalty faced by the prisoner to life in prison. Given his past record, he may not stay up late at night pondering this one.

The case involves 43-year-old Perrie Dyon Simpson. Simpson admitted to the 1984 murder of a 92-year-old retired preacher. The plea for clemency stems not from any circumstance of the crime, but from the childhood of Simpson. Simpson was an orphan that lived in over 20 foster homes as a child. His attorneys feel that this upbringing should mitigate his sentence.

From WWAY:

That argument is made in a clemency petition submitted this week to Governor Mike Easley for 43-year-old Perrie Dyon Simpson.

Simpson spent the first half of his life as a ward of the state, shuffled among more than 20 foster homes since he was ten days old. He's spent the second half of his life on death row.

The decision to grant or deny clemency is entirely in the hands of Mike Easley. Easley can be contacted by e-mail here