Bernie Sanders and NCDP

Nothing for nothing, I like Sen. Bernie Sanders, but he is not a Democrat, he is an independent. Yet the state party spends money given to support democrats to promote an event featuring Bernie Sanders.

Would this money not have been better spent supporting North Carolina democrats instead of promoting an event by a Vermont independent?

As hard as money is to come by this cycle, what are the people in Goodwin House thinking, or are they?


Maybe they spent the $5000 Voller said.....

he was going to donate to the party.

You make a good point. Regardless of the Senator's ideology, I'm not sure promoting an event for him would be considered an appropriate use of the party's limited funds.

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It's obvious that none of you were there....

...because if you were there, you would notice that NCDP wasn't sponsoring this event. The three people who were up on the stage with Bernie were Dan Blue III, the head of the College Dems, and an officer of the NC AFL-CIO. The event was really handled by "Forward South" - and two former NCDP staffers were there working the event.

Randy Voller and NCDP staffers were there, but they were all but ignored. Which I found odd. They just sent out notices on FB and other media. Which probably cost NOTHING! But it's the same sort of notice that they send out for Moral Mondays.

But I see the usual suspects dumping on Randy Voller yet again.

Although Bernie is not a registered Democrat, he spent most of the night talking about ideas that Democrats could agree on. Most are already included in our party platform.

Do you have a problem with our party platform?

I know some folks do. There were lots of blue dogs in the room, and they appeared to be uncomfortable whenever Bernie made a point that the rest of the room applauded for!

Bernie spent a lot of time talking about class-war issues. And then said that it was important to return Kay Hagan to the US Senate. Although I am sure if you checked Kay's personal platform of ideas, I sincerely doubt she'd favor re-regulating Wall Street and the Banks, getting rid of corporate personhood, and taking special interest money out of the political process. I mean come on - where do you think all the money be spent on her commercials (and against Tillis) is coming from? It's coming from outside PACs (but not the Koch Brothers or Art Pope).

Kay is hardly exciting her base taking about being the most moderate Senator in DC. From today's N&O editorial:

"In a midterm election that favors Republicans, Hagan will need to motivate her base and turn out Democratic voters. Not many will be fired up to vote for the nation’s “most moderate” senator in a time of enduring economic hardship. If the race is just about a coin flip, they may stay home and let it go to Speaker Thom whatever."

This hits the nail RIGHT on the head - Kay isn't exciting many voters by running down the middle and being the most moderate. And party does matters because Democrats and Republicans have sharply different ideas about economic fairness and the role of government.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is talking about about issues that resonate with people who are STILL suffering from economic hardship. Anyone without a job would benefit from spending money on infrastructure improvements instead of giving that money to millionaires and billionaires to for stock buy-backs, buying another yacht or crash pad in NYC, or to increase their kid's trust funds. Single-Payer/Medicare for All would be a BIG improvement over ACA because it would cover EVERYONE for less than half what we are spending on private insurance that enriches the insurance company CEOs and Wall Street banksters.

Someone like Bernie is needed to call us out and pull us to the Left to get us back to what our own party platform calls for our elected public officials to work to turn into public policy - instead of listening to their consultants and the rich donors. So I applaud Bernie coming to Raleigh for the second time.

On a more personal note, I got to shake his hand and congratulate him for being the first 3rd party official to win election to public office WITHOUT the benefit of IRV - going back to when Bernie won election as Mayor of Burlinton, VT as a Vermont Progressive (not a Democrat or Republican). I was going to raise my hand and include that in a public comment, but there were too many IRV lovers in the room and I didn't want to rub it in ;-)

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I believe the word Buck used was "Promoted"

Not sponsored....

Glad the NCDP did not spend one penny promoting the event, if that is in fact the case.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I just asked a question

Why was party funds used to advertise an event for Bernie Sanders, an independent?

I did not say they sponsored it, but they did promote it, at the cost of money they do not have.

All this from a crowd that can't even get an SEC meeting called during August, the month the summer SEC meeting has been since the beginning of time.
In the past, these meeting were on the schedule 6 months out, we have none planned yet, some word about having something in November.
These are mandated in the Plan, it is not like it is something new. Why can't they do something that has not seemed to be an issue for the party in the past.

Looks like to me they need to take care of business instead of running around looking for a photo op.

I don't care if Sanders is the 2nd. coming of Christ, he is not a democrat and we don't need to spend a nickel of the limited funds we have to support anything for someone that is not a democrat.

And as for Randy, I like Randy, I worked hard to get him elected.
He has been a total disappointment since nearly the beginning.

SEC meeting

In the year we have a state convention, it has been normal practice to have the state convention on Saturday, and the SEC meeting on Sunday.

It isn't always that way, but it make sense. This is an election year, and the meeting should have been held in August before campaign season began if it wasn't held the day after the state convention.That has been the MO in the past.

I have heard a few grumbles about it being " Hagan's fault " but that dog won't hunt, as she has nothing to do with it. Just people trying to shift the blame off of themselves onto somebody else.

And besides that, even though the Plan allows for just a 2 week notice, we normally knew months in advance when we had a meet.

That does help when you are trying to round up 700 people.

No need to re-invent the wheel.

promote, endorse, whatever...

Neither Buck nor Betsy will be happy with ANYTHING NCDP does while Randy Voller is Chair.

So even though Bernie Sanders caucuses with the Senate Democrats, and he was hosted by the Wake Dems (the defacto NCDP) and the College Dems were there, you are upset with NCDP for posting stuff on FB to promote it?

Can either of you two accountants come up with a figure for how much NCDP money was spent doing that? Or are you two claiming that if even one red cent was spent to promote Sanders, it's too much?

Surely you must also object with any county party money - or even Kay Hagan money - used to promote the event, even though Bernie called for us to vote for Kay Hagan.

And as to the issue of lack of a second SEC meeting this year. I raised that very issue with Robert Dempsey at the Feb SEC meeting. I asked: "When is the second SEC meeting scheduled?" - and he didn't have an answer. How come neither of you two are asking why Dempsey didn't schedule the second SEC meeting on the same weekend as the June Convention?

It's because he didn't know nor did he care about the NCDP. It's obvious from the fact that he never took the time to establish residency in NC. He didn't get an NC driver's license, he didn't register his car here, and he didn't register to vote. All he apparently cared about was doing whatever it took to hand over control of Goodwin House to the Hagan campaign. And when Randy fired Dempsey (waiting a lot longer than most people thought he should have waited, given all things considered), the Hagan campaign decided they needed to take over the Wake County Democratic Party - which was handed over to them without any agreement or contract in writing (or so I was told by a county party officer in June) that would prevent the Wake Dems from being left twisting in the wind.

I was one of many people who told Randy he should have been a lot firmer with Dempsey and other folks who aren't following the rules - especially while they make false accusations against Randy.

And as for whose fault it is for not having an SEC meeting by now - or even announced by now - it is Hagan's fault, at least in a big part. And the fault of every other candidate and group who claim that NCDP can't schedule an event like SEC BEFORE the election because it will conflict with one of their events. And yes - the Hagan campaign did ask NCDP not to schedule the SEC meeting the date of some women's summit event. So you are wrong about Hagan and other candidates not being the reason for the SEC not being held until AFTER the election.

One good reason for the SEC to be held BEFORE the election is to take a vote on which judicial candidate to support in the 19-way statewide judicial race. The Republicans are going to endorse one single candidate - so why can't we do that in a non-partisan race with no primary?

Back when we had judicial IRV on the books, I recommended that we have an electoral reform committee that would come up with practical solutions IN ADVANCE, but we were always told that we could do that after the next election. Well - it's been 6 years since 2008, and while the Republicans dumped judicial IRV (and DRE touchscreens), the Democratic Party hasn't focused on a way to deal with picking a candidate for one of these judicial races that opens up AFTER the filing period begins.

In past years we didn't have all the elected officials and their paid consultants taking shots at the NCDP - which is costing the NCDP money that it needs to operate. And that includes administrative operations such as scheduling the SEC meeting, or running the credentials committee to determine who is really eligible to hold various officers in the NCDP.

This party hasn't had a decent administrative operation since Jerry Meek was Chair. That's because the DNC and OFA cut their contributions to the NCDP (and other state parties) after 2008 because they didn't want strong and independent parties that would call their own shots. And the candidates and their consultants got into the game too. Even a big Randy hater was telling me back in 2010 that Bev Perdue was telling donors not to give money to NCDP - only to the candidates. And when you combine all the Randy haters creating all those 501(c)3/4 and PAC groups last June after Nina quit to raise money for Democratic candidates AND not the party, and combine it with Dempsey's failure to implement the small dollar donor program seeded by the District Chairs with $60K ($25K each to the House and Senate Caucus, and $10K to NCDP), it's no wonder that NCDP isn't running like it used to or as it should.

But if you think a change in leadership would fix that, you are sadly mistaken. I can already seen one very good example of how some of the next crew of of top party leaders disrespects the rank and file.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

You are wrong Chris

I think it would be VERY unwise for you to assume it is OK to speak for me or to state something about me that is completely untrue as if it is a fact.

I will quote you:

This party hasn't had a decent administrative operation since Jerry Meek was Chair.

That includes the current administration, however, I don't think it is a lack of DNC money, but a lack of leadership that makes the current administrative operation so completely inept.

Also, according to the plan of organization it is the duty of the state chair to convene SEC meetings. You can't put this off on Dempsey.

#5 of the state chair's duties reads:

5. Convene the state executive committee at leasttwice per year;

#8 of the executive director's duties reads:

8. Provide for the public announcement of the dates, and where applicable, the times and locations set by the state chair for precinct meetings, county conventions, congressional district conventions, and the state convention. Said public announcement to be made no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the said meetings or convention

The party's own organizing document does not support your claims.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It is a lack of money

that is behind the lack of having enough warm bodies at Goodwin House to effectively run it.

As I keep telling people, the Democratic Party isn't just about focusing on the one or two times a year when we have elections. We need to have year-round effective administrative help at Goodwin House to answer phones, and to support our committees (Executive Council, POO re-write, Credentials, Council of Review) and auxiliaries that meet year-round.

One thing I've told anyone who will listen is that we've got to hire people based on their administrative and clerical skills instead of their campaign and field skills.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I was sent an e-mail from the party

Chris, I received an e-mail from Casey Mann promoting this event.

At the bottom of the e-mail was the following

Paid for by the North Carolina Democratic Party ( Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Contributions are not tax-deductible for federal or state income purposes.

Maybe if somebody had been minding the store instead of running off to a photo op with Bernie Sanders somebody would have paid the domain fee bill and we would have a state party website instead of a blank page.

Just saying.

before you split another gasket.... much was the cost of that e-mail? They've got the e-mail addresses already so what's the cost of an e-mail?

You are familiar with the term "boilerplate" - that even if it didn't cost them a dime, they still have to put that up there.

Maybe if folks like you just accepted the fact that Randy won and several of your guys didn't win - Randy and NCDP would have the funds to really mind the store.

Why aren't you complaining about Dan Blue III and the College Democratic President also being there with Bernie Sanders? They were up on stage with the guy - so they where a hell of a lot more involved with Sanders than Randy Voller was.

And Betsy - I can and do put things off on Dempsey. And other staffers as well. We all know why the SEC meeting originally scheduled for June 2013 was postponed until August 2013. It was because an NCDP staffer forgot to reserve the room.

The Chair can schedule a meeting - set a date, but they have to depend on the staff to do much of the work. Dempsey and other staffers who were there at the time (but quite once Dempsey got sacked) didn't schedule an SEC meeting the same weekend as the State Convention in June. And I suspect that the Convention space cost so much money and they couldn't back out of it without losing the entire deposit in order to go someplace else to hold BOTH the convention and the SEC meeting.

I'm not happy with everything that Randy has done - and I've told him so. I told him he should have given Dempsey the boot MONTHS before he got fired. I've also told him that he should treat people who are really violating the POO the same way that folks want him to be treated.

As I stated in a posting many months ago when Dempsey got fired - I think that NCDP was then and continues to be sabotaged by a variety of people (including party officers and other insiders) nsiders who were opposed to Randy Voller all along. I saw with my own eyes NCDP staffers trying to get proxies to come in and vote against Randy well after the quorum call in February 2013 when no more proxies should have been accepted.

Betsy and Buck will continue to take shots at Randy and Casey and other NCDP staffers and party officers who continue to support Randy - as they would any elected party chair. I wasn't thrilled with David Young, but once he was elected I supported him and worked with him. I wasn't sorry to see him replaced by David Parker, who would have made a big difference in the NCDP had it not been for the "tailgate party" that was the DNC Convention in Charlotte that sucked all the oxygen (and $500K in tech gear that wasn't turned in after the convention) out of the state.

I sincerely hope and pray that the POO committee will include a code of ethics and conduct that will require officers and delegates who end up in the minority end of a vote to cooperate and work with the majority. There is a big difference between respectful dissent and disruptive conduct that damages the Party. Even Roberts Rules of Order state that a group can take action to protect the majority from being destroyed by a disruptive minority.

I'd ask the Randy haters to grow up, but I am afraid that ship has sailed.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Regarding the June 2013 SEC meeting

You repeat your canard about the June 2013 SEC meeting without regard to the truth.

And Betsy - I can and do put things off on Dempsey. And other staffers as well. We all know why the SEC meeting originally scheduled for June 2013 was postponed until August 2013. It was because an NCDP staffer forgot to reserve the room.

On May 28th, 2013 I called the Sheraton Hotel in Greensboro to confirm the details of the then scheduled June 15th SEC meeting. I told the hotel I was making plans and needed to know if there was a meeting, dinner or both. I was told that for the NC Democratic Party event on June 15th a meeting space had been scheduled from 8:30 to 5:00 and dinner scheduled 6:00 to 8:00.

Nobody "forgot to reserve the room".

Thank you, Greg

It is always good to have accurate, truthful information.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.