Building a Campaign from the Ground Up: Day Three

(Third in a series detailing my experiences volunteering for Jim Neal's Senate campaign)

This morning, the sound of a fully functional campaign headquarters was The Beatles, specifically, the Let it Be album -- yes, I'm old enough that my first instinct is still to call them "albums," not "CDs." This wasn't even a CD, though; those are so last millennium. We have iPods, baby. ;)

The place is really starting to buzz now; some more volunteers came in today, and I met a couple of the ones I'd called on Saturday, which was great. *waves at Russ, if he's reading this*

Everyone is so upbeat and positive, it gives the headquarters a wonderful atmosphere. Buzzwords are so focus-groupy, and not to get all Obamaesque (or naive some might say), but there really is a sense of hope and change around this campaign.

Today, we added a coffeepot and mugs, plus cookies, baklava, and blueberry scones. Thank you to everyone who's bringing stuff to us -- we're definitely eating well!

While we have phones now, they were fairly quiet, at least while I was there this morning. A few weeks from now, I wonder if I'll look back on these early, quiet days with nostalgia...

While the phones weren't busy, we sure were. There's a big mailing going out the door, so those of us with pretty, or at least decent, handwriting were addressing envelopes, while other folks stuffed them. Me, I'm left-handed, so while I print neatly, if I don't want to then smear it, I pretty much have to concentrate on what I'm doing to make sure I don't drag my hand through what I just wrote.

I'm not overly talkative by nature anyway; I'm an INTP (sometimes INFP) for those of you who know the Myers-Briggs thing, but if anyone was wondering if I seemed quieter than usual, I'm fine -- it was just that I was concentrating on my handwriting. :)

I made a quick dash out for postage, then I had to go to my paying job, alas. So far, I'm still getting a real thrill out of doing this. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


building a campaign energy

I came in today, too, and believe me, angry grrl seems like the old hand in the place, the one who understands what is going on. Her quiet is a good balance to the people who rush in, rush out.

It is true that this is an upbeat, happy place for now. There is a lot to do, but not an insane amount, and not too crowded, which gives everyone time to get accustomed to each other. People come to this campaign for a variety of reasons, I find. (I am the talkative one, but it helps to know a little about who people are.)People have different strengths and it will be fun to see what gets done by which person. I was on "nice penmanship" duty today as well.

I am by far the oldest person in the office, and yet I get props for being familiar with more blogs and blog culture.(two tours of duty at Yearly Kos) I gave someone the names of several blogs that he might like today - there isn't exactly a guide, like in the bookstores, "if you like xxxx, then you might like to read yyyyy."

When one of the staff heard that some of you asked what they needed, she said, "Anything for an office!" This is very much a people-powered campaign, and I think angry grrl will agree that cheerful volunteers are welcome.

Stuff for the office

Sounds wonderful. I wish I lived close enough to help.

I have a computer workstation that I don't need. I also have a fax machine that I rarely use. I can bring them down on Friday if you want them.

Yes please

Computers and fax would be wonderful; many thanks. :)


Get angry. Get involved.


I should have said desk instead of workstation. It's one of those multi-level computer desks. Do you want it?

I think we're OK on desks,

I think we're OK on desks, but let me double-check and get back to you before Friday?


Somehow, I think the chaos is on the horizon

so enjoy the tranquility for now. It's gonna get real fun and real crazy real soon!


North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I have a feeling you're correct ;)

With the big events coming up, I suspect you're right. And that's cool. :)


Get angry. Get involved.

You should take a recording right now....

before the fun really begins and you never have a moment's peace.

One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Yup, you're probably right. :)