Building a Campaign From the Ground Up: Ongoing, Plus an Invitation

Last week was a bit slow with the inclement weather, plus we were closed on Monday.

Yesterday, we hit the ground running as three large pallets of those metal yard sign doohickeys (yes, that's a technical term *grin*) landed. We scrambled to unload them in the freezing drizzle, and with everyone pitching in, managed to get 'em all stacked in a corner of the office. Now we just need the "Jim Neal for Senate" part that goes IN the metal signs... :)

And I got to meet Mr. Neal for the first time, shake his hand, and tell him how wonderful it is that he's running for office. Of course I wouldn't be here, day in and day out, if I didn't believe in him and his candidacy, but it was a real pleasure to meet him in person.

And now, for the invitation, which I've been expressly asked to forward along to the folks at BlueNC: We're having an Open House next Monday, January 28th!
Please join Jim Neal and supporters for the official grand opening of our campaign headquarters!

The party is next Monday, January 28 from 6pm to 8pm at 200 Meredith Drive in Durham. Exit 278 off I-40, head south on 55 toward Apex, past the intersection with Hwy 54. Turn right at the Subway on Meredith Drive – the office is down the drive on the right side (second building on right with a green awning).

[Angry Grrl adds: if you know RTP/Durham, this is the "Greasy Corners" intersection of Hwy. 54/Hwy. 55, we're right by the Food Lion shopping center.]

This event is being held 100 days from the May primary election – come meet Jim, enjoy the company of supporters, and find out more about how you can volunteer and make a difference with this important campaign!

As for the request, the office could still use a few items:

1. a wireless network card for a desktop machine, a Pentium III
2. printer or two - laser or deskjet
3. a freestanding coat rack - ideally, something like this, so we don't have to bang holes in the walls.

If you have any of the above and would like to donate them, please drop me a line at angrygrrlsrants at gmail dot com. Thanks! And I hope to see a lot of you next Monday at the open house. :)


my experience at the other desk

I have not always been in the campaign office at the same time as angry grrl, so our times there are a bit different. Mostly, things are just gearing up. I got "promoted" one day(stolen to work with one of the staff on database stuff). It is great that I brought my own computer that day, and was put to use on a database I had never seen before. If I admit how illiterate I am on my computer - an Apple Powerbook G4 - well, let's say you will conjure an image of me as "Granny driving a Jaguar to the market and back."

I managed to update the mailing list without seriously deleting anything, which I know for sure because I used it yesterday.

Still, being a volunteer has responsibilities that are quite removed from the stress of the staff. It is still outside my imagination to really know what all they have to organize. I guess I need to go rent "The War Room" to remind myself. What I do know is that there are very dedicated people, and as angry grrl said, it was good to see the candidate, but we work just the same whether or not we see him.

Today I am not able to go in, as planned - my son is having breathing problems and sounds just like I do when I have bronchitis, so we are heading out the door in five minutes to see the doctor. What surprises me is how the campaign can take over one's thoughts - I try to think of people I can contact,what else I can do, even if it is getting sugar for the coffee room.

Please come to the open house! This is a truly people-powered campaign - friends of change welcome!