Crash their party

A lot of people take government seriously, which blinds them to the reality that we now have a government that doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. The US House of Representatives is nothing but a shit show, destined to get worse with every passing day.

In the spirit of doing something to change the dynamic, imagine that every Democratic US Congressman were to announce that he or she is changing parties effective immediately. That would create a governing caucus of 435 Republicans ... and it would potentially disrupt everything the House attempts to do. I haven't thought through the consequences of having a single party structure with "fake Republicans" holding nearly half the seats. But I kind of like the idea in principle.

One practical impact would be that no "former Democrat" would be seated on any committee, but who cares? GOP led committees aren't going to do anything meaningful ... just obstruct. Don't give them the legitimacy of having Democrats on board. And as fake Republicans, our guys could get access to inside-the-caucus information just by showing up.

And then, just when things have gotten out of control, former Democrats could switch back again.

And again. And again.

This idea could make every Democratic Congressman a GOP insider.

Let's crash their party. Big time.

PS I originally thought that only Rs could call for a vote to vacate (the Speaker) but it seems anyone can. So start doing it. Now.




I learned years ago that it's possible for any citizen to switch parties easily and quickly. I became a Republican for a few months just to see how creepy it would feel.

For what it's worth, it felt really creepy. But it also made me a GOP insider for a while.

I've gotten quite a bit of feedback

saying "something like this won't work. The GOP will find a way to freeze out fake Republicans ... and besides ... Democrats don't have the constitution for bold plays like this."

Ah well, I should have predicted as much.

Y'all go on and enjoy yourselves. Don't do anything differently. Just sit back and watch democracy get gerrymandered into oblivion.