Dalton, McCrory audited by SBOE

The campaign committees of Walter Dalton and Pat McCrory were audited by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBOE). Both campaigns had some minor discrepancies that were addressed by their committees. The Dalton campaign forfeited $200 in cash contributions made in 2011. Two $100 cash contributions were over the one time $50 limit. Had the contributions been made as $50 in cash on consecutive days they would have been legal. The McCrory campaign forfeited $5,000 in excess contributions made in 2012 because they occurred between the 2008 general election and the 2012 primary. $1,000 excess came from Ira Jackson III of Raleigh. $4,000 came from Wendell Murphy of Rose Hill. Had the contributions been made by a spouse who had not already exceeded the $4,000 limit per election cycle they would have been legal. Two committees that contributed to McCrory were not registered with the SBOE.