Day 203

When I went into quarantine back in March, I figured we'd be in for at least a year of misery. No one really knew how this new virus would behave and the misinformation coming from the federal government was mind-boggling. We still don't know as much as we need to know, and the misinformation has gotten exponentially worse.

What have we learned? For one thing, we now know that we live in a country where executive leadership is fundamentally untrustworthy, where nothing they say is believable. In the wake of constant lies and gross incompetence, nearly 210,000 people have died and more than a million more are at risk from unknown and unknowable complications.

We've learned that the Republican party is comprised of nothing but craven assholes who would rather watch you die than speak honestly about anything.

Because of GOP malfeasance, another year of misery awaits us. Trump's failures are breaking the back of our economy and crushing the spirit of our people. The downward spiral will continue, even if the GOP is obliterated in the upcoming election.

Someone wrote to me about the weirdness of it all. She said we're like an abused spouse who's being told by society to feel sympathy for our abuser because he's sick in the hospital. Donald Fucking Trump will get no sympathy from me. I hope he lives, but only because I want to see him brought to justice for his many crimes. If there is a god, Trump will be rotting in jail a year from now.



Finding myself in a dark place these days

This isn't Facebook or Twitter, so I'm free to say whatever I want about the Orange Menace without fear of some higher authority wagging a finger at me.

And what I want to say is this:

I don't care if he dies. On the contrary, I'm cheering for an end to his ugly soul. No one should be allowed to create the chaos and destruction he's unleashed.

Fuck him.

The Ride

Steve Schmidt on Twitter 10/04/20:
(Thanks to Melinda N Progress for the share)

Trump’s ride will be talked about 30 years from now like it happened yesterday. It will be viewed as the worst photo op in Presidential History. It speaks perfectly to his sociopathy, recklessness, neediness and the extremes of his movement. @ProjectLincoln looks forward to Crucifying him (politically) with it this week. He looks completely deranged as he conjures the definitive 21st Century Dr. Strangeglove vibe as he waves at the Q-Anon freak show from inside the hermetically sealed Presidential Suburban with two Secret Service hostages. Trump’s Malevolent insanity and malfeasance have wrecked the country. At least 150,000 are dead who shouldn’t be. The economy is wrecked for the little guy while Trump’s cronies and family engorge themselves. School is ruined and so many pleasures of life are ended because of Covid and Trump’s imbecility. I wish I was able to be in the room with @SenatorCollins and @TheRickWilson @reedgalen and @stuartpstevens when she sees the ad coming for her with Trump in the limo. Trump ended his Presidency this week. The disclosure that he is a tax cheat combined with his unhinged and out of control debate performance, which included a call to arms for fascist militia groups, threats of violence and sinister insinuations about a peaceful transition of power being dependent on his victory, were more than enough to finish him. But at long last Karma has found its’ way to Donald John Trump. His recklessness and casual disregard for human life have caused an epic tragedy in America. That same recklessness and buffoonery has destroyed his campaign. It is bankrupt and broken. Its’ leadership is scandalized. There is chaos in the White House and in the campaign. It is coming apart. The staff are confused and scared. They have been disregarded and treated like disposable dog shit bags. No one trusts anyone or believes anything on the inside. It’s breaking up. “ THE RIDE” will be the Eternal symbol of Trump’s collapse. He looks like a fool. A reckless fool who failed America more than any other American who has ever lived. Get ready for Trump’s version of Dukakis in the tank. It will be our tribute to Roger Ailes with a special dedication to @kimguilfoyle for upholding the highest standards of depravity and insanity at the FNC.
America, the sane part, has come to expect nothing less.

Yah, it's not like he was riding home

He was riding right back to the hospital. He's like a fucking toddler, got bored and shot out the door so he could run around a little bit. Sheesh.

No deplorables will be moved

They're locked in on the asshole-in-chief and can't be swayed. But their numbers may be shrinking with the muddled middle coming down squarely in the "decency" camp. Which means they're (finally) rejecting the cult.


re: Steve Schmidt on Twitter. Not that he is wrong, but does this sort of diatribe serve a purpose? There is so much disunity already. I am not so convinced that Trumpf is done for.