Faison dials up the criticism

Statement from Rep. Bill Faison via email:

The Governor has finally stepped up and proposed what I have been calling for, together with seventy percent of the House Democrats, since September - restore part of the penny sales tax for education and jobs. I am happy to see that she understands that our proposal is the only way to restore opportunity for the unemployed and education. My colleagues and I led this effort to restore 7/10 of a penny sales tax to restore jobs and education cuts, together with closing tax loopholes that put a burden on working, middle class families and helping small businesses hire. It is unfortunate that the Governor did not join our efforts then or join me in letters to the GOP Leadership asking for this issue to be heard over the past months.

Education is the escalator to employment and it is not acceptable that we cut education to the level the Republican leadership has this session. People are hurting across North Carolina, as a result of cuts.

In the face of nationwide job losses and economic challenges affecting our state, the Republican Leadership in the General Assembly continues focusing on legislation that benefits big corporate donors and the radical social agenda of a few in their party, rather than dealing with the problems affecting the working middle class families – jobs, future employment, educational opportunities for our kids and energy costs.

While the Governor falls further behind the likely GOP opponent, she has finally decided to endorse a solid plan, and one I proposed months ago. I could have used her help in September on this issue as I tried to have it heard in the General Assembly. Instead the GOP Leadership keeps wasting our tax dollars to the tune of $50,000 per day on divisive issues. People across the state have been so responsive to the Jobs Plan my colleagues and I put forward because it touches them on the issues most important in their lives.

I don't know that I've ever seen such a sad bunch of whining in my life. To put it bluntly, Faison's plan was worthless and misguided from the get-go ... and the fact the Perdue has "finally" come onboard only makes it worse. Neither Perdue nor Faison has taken the right path on revenues, which would involve a significant increase in taxes on the wealthy. More to the point, it really doesn't matter what either of them thinks. Republicans aren't going to raise taxes, period. Faison's whining about Perdue's refusal to follow him down the rabbit hole is silly and obnoxious.

This email is just another round bullshit grandstanding.



If Bill Faison couldn't get the governor behind his tax scheme, and also failed to pull in 30% of Democrats in the legislature, why does he think any of his ideas would make it through the brick wall of Republican solidarity? The story sure doesn't say much about his ability to be persuasive in a bare-knuckled political environment.


The Senate Democrats have not taken it up in their caucus. And, the reasons are below as to the GOP - why not ask why the Governor didn't get involved and help with it? She knew about it? Could you pose that question to her? And, if you will recall this plan came about after the budget was passed so you can blame me because I challenged him to do something and was too late on my timing. BTW, who else has done anything, anything at all? And how were their persuasion skills?

And you did see the letters to Tillis and the debate on Flashpoint? You, James, wrote on here that you liked that so was that not more persuasion than anyone else has engaged?

"Education is the escalator

"Education is the escalator to employment "....

um...there are no jobs, nitwit

I've never heard Faison whine

It's just not his character. He will say a lot of things that will piss a lot of people off, but whine? Nope.

For better or worse, Bill is fairly consistent, personality-wise. Sometimes it's for better, and he gets points for being blunt and persistent. Sometimes it's for worse, and he gets demerits for being so blunt and so persistent.

The man might just be off his rocker, but he's extremely bright and driven, and he doesn't flow smoothly through any mainstream. I find it hard not to like the guy, even if I'm not wild about all of his traits. He's not dull, either, in any sense of the word.

I know Bill Faison as well if not better than most people making pronouncements about him here. He doesn't whine.

All I know is what I read

Sounds like whining to me.

The Governor has finally stepped up and proposed what I have been calling for ...

While the Governor falls further behind the likely GOP opponent, she has finally decided to endorse a solid plan, and one I proposed months ago.


Nope, not whining. He doesn't whine - ever. This vintage Bill chest-thumping. You might wish to consider revisiting your interpretation without the predisposition to insult whatever he says.

I won't argue with people who find him egomaniacal (of course, that description is apt for a substantial percentage of successful politicians), and there's no question that he might have more than his fair share of testosterone, and that he doesn't necessarily play well with others, but I will say this for the man -- he's very bright, very driven, and he doesn't feign his positions.

I can see why people find him irritating, and as supporter of my party, I have often wondered what the hell he thought he was doing on a number of occasions, but I like the guy, admire his drive, and consider it a privilege to know him. He'll piss me off, I have no doubt, as long as he's active in politics, but I hope he is active for a long time.

Driven, Passionate about NC, Intelligent

Independent, a maverick, and just because he does not bow and scrape to the "establishment" is a positive not a negative. He does not whine and neither do I.

Folks can criticize us personally but frankly it just drives us both harder so bring it on ...

What I really don't understand is this

If you're going to float an idea that has a snowball's chance in hell of passing, why not make it a really good idea?

Faison and Perdue are both missing the only sane approach to revenue restoration: raising taxes on the wealthiest people in North Carolina. Hell, even Obama is catching on to this obvious path forward.

and closing loopholes don't count, I suppose

Please re read Bill's plan - closing loopholes, especially a $39 million one that the Senate Repubs enacted this year (re-opened it) and Bev signed. Can we try this one for size James?

Is that loophole to be closed an official part of Faison's

plan, or are you ad libbing? If so, you might advise him to update his website as the "plan" posted there does not specify. With only $39 million specified, it's a long way to the $2 billion in loophole closings called for in "the plan".

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Maybe someone can help me

As to this statement:

My colleagues and I led this effort to restore 7/10 of a penny sales tax

I can't find any sponsored legislation that mentions this, and (unless I missed it) Faison did not offer any amendments to the Budget when it was on the floor. Whatever this effort was, I'd sure like to see something in writing.

And as to this:

she has finally decided to endorse a solid plan, and one I proposed months ago

Here's a little blast from the past that Rep Faison should have been aware of at the time:

The penny increase is scheduled to expire this year, but Perdue's budget plan would roll it back by only a quarter-cent. That means the state tax rate would be 5.5 percent – down from the 5.75 percent now collected but higher than the 4.75 percent that would be collected if the tax were to expire.

That was from her budget proposal of eleven months ago.

Now, I understand that 7/10 of a penny is slightly different than three quarters of a penny. But claiming that's some "new idea" is like adding an "s" on the end of somebody else's fancy word while playing Scrabble.

There were over 40 amendments

submitted for the Budget and voted on, from both D's and R's. If keeping the penny sales tax in place (or part of it) was on Bill's mind back in June, he should have at least submitted an amendment, even if it didn't have much chance of passing.

As far as that "quarter cent" thing, I think you might be confused. The difference between Perdue's and Faison's sales tax proposal is 5/100 of a penny.

As far as Perdue cutting more jobs than the GOP plan, that's just recycled propaganda. Her specific agency-by-agency cuts may have been deeper than the GOP's proposed staff cuts, but that's where the smoke and mirrors come in. The actual dollars they alotted in the budget are forcing much deeper cuts than Bev's proposal would have.

He was there

and participated and voted and likely ran some amendments. He also tried to run a bill in Sept. and subsequent amendments.

I challenged him to do a plan in late August because of emails I was getting from people who were without jobs, as a result of the cuts going into effect and then from people who were being cut in small companies due to loss of matching funds. So, where was everyone else with a plan then? So, your logic is that if it was not pre-planned and was offered when effects were in play, it is not worthy of a solution? If that is your logic, then why is Perdue so late with the same solution now?

If you speak to state employees about her original budget, it had more agency cuts of jobs. The dollars are deeper but the state employee jobs cut were greater in her budget. Not propaganda, but fact.

Yes, I did

Several times, actually, including in her Veto message:

These cuts were made by the legislature in this budget by choice. They chose to risk our children’s futures -- for less than a penny.

Extending the sales tax was a major point of contention during Budget negotiations, and a major reason why Perdue Vetoed the stinky thing.

Guess that same question

Guess that same question could have been asked by Rep Pierce and Rep Bell when they introduced H884 to extend the sales tax for 2 years and Faison didn't speak out until September.

and I will be back with some info

tomorrow but will need SCHarrison to help get it posted correctly since it is a pdf file (like the ozone doc he helped me with ... )

and for those emailing me, I was elected to a town council, served as mayor pro tem and mayor, ran for the House, was the COS for Chief Justice Burley Mitchell and Deputy Director at the Courts (legislative liaison), worked for Governor Bob Scott at the Rural Center and was "loaned" to Gov. Hunt for the Commission for a Competitive NC. I lobbied in DC at age 22 on the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Someone asked me if I have any experience so I do have enough to get me by ....

It gives me great comfort to

It gives me great comfort to know Jeanne Bonds is working on a jobs plan. Someone should ak Greg Hatem how long it took to unravel her last effort.

Let's do go there

Since I introduced Greg Hatem to the group and then Al Delia and others unraveled it. There are a lot of documents on that venture including Greg's letter to me so let's do go down that road.

I concede. The considerate

I concede.

The considerate manner with which you deliver such well reasoned, objective arguments must give everyone who meets you total confidence in your ability to play a critical role in a complex negotiations.

Why just today I was thinking to myself how badly I needed someone to drop a "well well well" or "try that one on for size".

You restate my point

You restate my point precisely without realizing you are doing so.

Here, I'll help:

"sarcasm": a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.

The communication style you admittedly adopt has no place in civil discourse. It is amateur and ineffective.

Do you realize yet that

Do you realize yet that people would pay you to advocate for their opponents?

From Tom Jensen's latest post

From Tom Jensen's latest post on NCGOV numbers:

Faison's machinations have turned off many Democrats in the state.

I imagine petty whining like this is why...

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

When minority Reps in the

When minority Reps in the General Assembly sponsored a bill to extend the then current sales tax for two years, last spring, wonder why Millionaire Bill wasn't co-sponsoring it and calling news conferences.

Do you have a bill # Don?

I spent a few hours last night bouncing around the NCGA site looking for legislation like that, but the website can be hard to navigate if you're an idiot like I am. :/

H884- sponsored by Reps.

H884- sponsored by Reps. Pierce and Hall. Introduced on 5/3/11. I realize it didn't have a hope in hell of going anywhere but the Rules Committee.....but that would have been a good time to get behind and hold press conferences....before the tax expired.

If Bill Faison co-sponsored it and/or held press conferences on it, I'm not aware of it.

we can debate all day

But Pricey signed onto Bill's plan in Sept as did Hall. This bill went straight to Rules. Bill was at press conferences with others on these bills. When a bill goes to Rules, it stays there so they did not move around for sponsors after it was sent there because it was not coming out.

If the Dems who signed onto Bill's plan are on it and appeared with him, I think that shows where they are on it. You can nitpick timing but it is irrelevant. Bill's point was to get legislation heard during "special" sessions because unemployment was climbing with the effects of the budget. He was trying to stop wasted money on social issues. Argue that one for a while ...

Too bad Faison, and the

Too bad Faison, and the Democratic Caucus, couldn't get behind H884 in May before the tax expired and the budget passed. Doing it after the fact isn't very inspiring. Maybe a few news conferences and attention before would have shown real leadership. (And that is on the Minority Leadership, not just Faison)

As I said before

The process of introducing bills, making amendments as the minority party may not result in legislation even if a member has a bill drawn up by bill drafting. For Bill's jobs plan, he had fiscal research do an anlysis (call and get it) and he had legislation drafted but Thom Tillis would not let it be introduced.

If minority reps tried to introduce a bill last spring to extend the penny tax, I would bet Bill's name was on it so I am curious why you think it was not. The staff can look for such bills and we can verify it but your assertion is just a hunch and likely to be quite wrong. In fact, I bet the majority of the House Dems were on it if it was introduced . I was over there but do not remember a bill. If they tried to run a bill, it would have been sent to Finance, Rules or somewhere else and I think it never saw the light of day.

At the last mini session, Bill tried to amend the adjournment resolution for jobs, energy, education and the amendment failed (Rules Committee) - I have the form he filled out. The adjournment resolution dictates what bills/topics can be heard during these sessions.

Nope,not a hunch.

Nope,not a hunch. H884-sponsored by Reps. Pierce and Hall.

Here's the bill in question:

HB884 Extend Temp. Sales Tax Rate Increase 2 Years, sponsored/cosponsored by:

Primary: Pierce; Hall;
Co: Gill; Harrison; Insko; Lucas; Mobley;

Note: There is often more than one bill dealing with the same basic issues, and lawmakers sponsor the ones they like best. If there's another bill Rep Faison signed onto, I'd like to see it (and post it here).

To James

Will you rethink your "whining" assertion if I post emails from a senior Perdue advisor who was to work on a jobs plan/approach last August and never delivered on the plan?

If you agree to rethink what is and is not a whine, then I will post the emails and you can find out from her office what happened to this great plan this person was to come up with and why no one else proposed a solution.

I have been rethinking it

"whine" may be an over-the-top and inappropriate expression. What miffed me is the insertion of "finally" into the opening and closing sections of the release. If it's not whining, it's close.

That said, no need to send any emails on my account. I'm not rethinking my language because of the offer ... I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do.

I've been wrong about more stuff than I've been right about in my political activism.

I understand but I think I will post the emails anyway so folks

can have at it. The "finally" is because her office knew about the plan and the House Dems signing on and the reason for the plan was to try to divert special sessions from social issues to economic ones as unemployment was climbing. She could have taken the plan and run with it, especially since her office was supposed to be forming a plan.

Let's everyone

look at the unemployment numbers as they rose from July through end of year, effects of the budget, special sessions wasting money on social issues, and the spin off effects of the budget on private sector jobs (get research from Fiscal if you like), and you can see why there was a need for a plan and a call to stop spending on social issues and go back to the economic ones and the sales tax. Also, the plan puts money back in for Trooper shoes, pants and protective gear which was cut (and they asked for help) - they ran out of money in the summer.

You can argue timing til the cows come home but no one really knew what the effects would be until they started coming to fruition so a plan to address it, no matter when introduced, is good. When the other Dems signed on, they realized that and put their names on it as did other groups.

Thank you Bill Faison for dialogue on Jobs for NC

Having waded through personal attacks on Bill Faison and defensiveness from folks who support office holders for the sole reason that they are office holders I am finally (yes,there's that word)glad to see some dialogue developing about the subject at hand; jobs for North Carolina. If it has taken all this on the part of Faison and Jeanne Bonds, then it has been worth it. Now let's move forward with honest talk about what it will take for North Carolina to get back on track with a Jobs plan.

Jan Brewington


You are amusing Don - so when Pricey and Hall introduced it, it was less regressive, I suppose? Right? And you do know that she is not exactly poor, right? So, how about you check out the tax loopholes and try again, oh, and ask the Governor why she signed the one the Repubs (Rucho) in the Senate ran that is worth $39m ...

Progressives should not be

Progressives should not be calling for the raising of regressive taxes. Before it expired, it was not a raise. Now after expiring in July,raising is just that: raising regressive taxes.

If Perdue or Faison were really for working families,then they would ensure corporations and millionaires were paying their fair share before raising taxes on working families,the unemployed,the poor,etc. if your going to protect corporations/millionaires over the others,you might as well be Republican.


Not fair of you to call someone a "millionaire" repeatedly when have no idea about his humble beginnings and his work ethic and when others are the same or wealthier.

And, Bill is fighting hard against loopholes that benefit businesses. In his role as an attorney he advocates for working people and helps them get money for devastating medical issues and death. That is helping working families. I should call some and get them on here so they can tell you they have a second chance at life.

Oh come on, he just gave his campaign a

$500,000 loan. "Millionaire" fits just fine. And what was his cut of all those families' settlements, a third? It's not like he's working pro bono.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Millionaires of course

You really do seem to like to switch the topic when it suits you ... "No don't talk about Faison" (even though you do) "look at Perdue", or blame the anonymous people.

Your comment above implied that Faison was some kind of regular Joe all nice and sympatico with the struggling middle class he all of sudden wants to help. When BS was called you changed the subject.

To my knowledge, nobody at BlueNC is implying that Perdue isn't a millionaire. If someone does, I'll call BS on them as well.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

He is a regular guy

His parents were farmers and were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when he was 25. His dad grew up in an orphanage and served on the wake county school board after getting a degree from nc state.

He earned what he has and his kids work on his farm to earn money

He came from a working middle class family

My point is if you talk about his loan then you have to talk about others.

By the way

A law firm invests hundreds of thousands up front on cases, for years, until they are heard. So the victims s
Do not pay

Too bad he wants to tax them

Too bad he wants to tax them before making millionaires like himself and corporations pay their fair share first.

Faison's favorables in a recent PPP poll are terrible

His numbers are 5% favorable, 21% unfavorable with 74% not sure. So he's either disliked or unknown to 95% of NC voters. He is 20 points behind McCrory.

Poll numbers here.

Looking deep into the numbers (crosstabs) shows potential good news for Perdue. She is up on McCrory with moderates 55 to 35, and McCrory is showing unusual strength with those voters identifying as liberal and very liberal. Many of those voters are likely to switch (or not vote at all) to Perdue as we get closer to election day.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?