Good morning, Grier

It's been a busy BlueNC week. We closed out February with the first-ever Women on Wednesdays, and a record 13,008 unique visitors for the shortest month of the year. We got the scoop on "new rules" for the NC House, and today we have a second-term representative, Grier Martin, stopping by to answer your questions. He's a primary sponsor on the Renewable Portfolio Standards bill, and is intensely interested in veterans affairs and family issues.

He should be online around 8, so keep your eyes peeled and your questions coming. We'll have him for about an hour.

Happy Friday, everyone.


No problem

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I sure hope

Rep. Martin picks up the NO OLF banner. Wish I had access to a puter at 8 am, but work wont let me even use a phone! Talk about oppressing the people! Anyways, Mr. Grier, pls review the links associtated with this NO OLF struggle and support all of NE NC with assisting in this bill to reject the Navy's plan to place an OLF in our state. There is enough information at that site to at least question why is the Navy pressing so hard for this thing?

For the very fact that the Navy will not treat us the same as the people of VA should be reason enough to stop this thing.

Thank you Rep. Martin

Hope this means that you'll be visiting us often!

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Thank you!

This was a great way to start the day. Hope you'll consider BlueNC your home away from home.

Thank you!

This really is a wonderful way to start the morning. Great ideas/answers.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

My role model!


This was a great session and showed both the power of this medium and the power of your convictions. I'm looking forward to more blogging myself during this campaign and to proudly serving with you in the next term.

Ed Ridpath

Ed Ridpath

I said it to Grier

And I will say it to you. Let us know how we can help. ((other than telling us your opponents name haha))
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Rep. Martin, two questions

1. I know us greener types want to see the 20% REPS bill pass, of which you are a primary sponsor. I have a feeling we will have to take the compromise, but that it is not a done deal now that the NCUC has approved only one new coal plant at Cliffside. What are the chances of us getting a 20% REPS bill through the Legislature?

2. This is the fun one. Your name has been mentioned as an 'interested party' if none of the big dogs run against Dole. I personally don't see them doing so (Easley has said no and I don't think it wise for any of our Democratic Congressman to give up a seat in the majority to run in this 'winnable' race). Are you truly an 'intersted party' and what will it take to beat Liddy Dole?

It's way too early to say

what the percentage REPS will be. But, 20% is doable in NC and would really benefit our environment, health, and economy. It is possible the REPS standard will be part of a bigger picture energy bill. But, these issues are swirling around in a mix that leaves the final result unclear. So, its a great time to let your senator and representative know your thoughts.

With regard to your second question, let me stick by my answer here.

Grier Martin

One parting thought.

Should Rep. Martin Martin make another stop-in, or one of his staff, I would ask the following. Please let other legislators know about your experience, and let them know that this is not a gated community, they are welcome to come and post anytime they would like.

We might not be Daily Kos, but we have members throughout the state and have an even better reading community throughout the state. There is no better way to get their message out to the progressive community.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

we are nicer

being in a "red" state makes you less willing to cut the throats of other progessive dems.

or maybe being in the south has taught us all to be a little more polite.

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