The GOP strategy depends on voters hating one another. I don't hate them, but I do feel sorry for them.

In case you've been hiding under a rock (perfectly understandable), you know that Republicans count on people hating one another. Indeed, one part of their strategy is to make themselves so loathsome that no decent person can stomach them. They're all about the gag reflex, and they're good at is.

Seems like a kind of Tar Baby thing, where they get you mired in their ugly ways, fighting against their blinding stupidity. The only thing they're smart about is luring you in. Horned lizards.

That's certainly what we learned about Thom Tillis a few years ago in his notorious Divide and Conquer video. I hope you've watched it long enough to see him urge some nice white ladies to look down on poor women who are barely scraping by. It was ugly then and it's ugly now; it reveals the depth of their racism and depravity.

The same goes for Trump, only more so. His 2020 campaign craves strife and division, as does his ego. He wants us to react violently. We cannot take the bait. Not yet.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for getting mad. The idea of blowing shit up could have a lot of appeal to me, but not right now. We must call for calm from now through the end of the election. If the election goes the wrong way, you can count on civil war from me. Because you and I both know, the only way Trump can win is by cheating.

So what to do instead of throw bombs? Well, if you can't just look away, keep engagement to a minimum. On social media, a simple "I'm sorry. I really don't want to hate you, but I absolutely cannot stand what you're doing to this country. Plus, I decided long ago not to engage with assholes." That usually works for me. They get my message and I feel better for having not allowed them to go unchallenged. I keep the two sentences copied on my laptop so I can drop them in quickly. Easy peasy.

For more reasonable Republicans who still feel compelled to defend Trump, a less confrontational approach can work. I opt for begging. "Please, please, please, for the sake of your children and their children, please don't vote for Trump. You know he's a horrible person and a liar. Please don't vote to leave millions of people at the whim of his terrible ugliness." or words to that effect. No further debate, just hit and run

For everyone else, we should all be tooting our Blue horns as loudly and as often as humanly possible. It helps.



Come to think of it

I probably do hate some of them. Craven liars and cheaters like Tillis, Dandy Forest. Gross.

Hate can be a good thing...

When in war you come to hate your enemy, you become a better fighter, and we're at war. Our enemies are merciless, foul, corrupt GOP politicians who wouldn't stop to piss on us if we were on fire. We need to feel the same. You don't have to let it eat you up, just resolve to hurt them in every way you can and be relentless. If they're on the floor, don't let them up. Finish it. Give them what they have foisted on us and don't look back.

Stan Bozarth

We will crush them

Hate or not, the fire of anger is burning brightly in this veteran's heart.

170K+ dead. Millions in financial disarray/homeless.

Justice subverted. Treasury looted. Voters suppressed. USPS being dismantled. Children ripped from their parents and put in cages. That's horror, to me. These assholes need to be finished. The horror you speak of is their next step. Resist!

Stan Bozarth


So horror is matched with greater horror...madness. "Most people would rather die than think. In fact, they do." - Bertrand Russell