Guess who's coming to dinner with the Crystal Coast Tea Party?

The Wrong Rev. Terry Jones will be speaking in Morehead City on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 to the Crystal Coast Tea Party. Here is a link to the newspaper story in Sunday's Carteret County News Times announcing the event.

If anybody wants to come help protest this affront to decent people everywhere, come on down to the Crystal Coast, we will be glad to have ya.


Terry Jones

Talk about the bastardization of Jesus. How is it that we have come to be a state where people welcome this kind of hate-filled extremist as a hero?

What a sad bit of news.

Meeting location changed

I saw this comment on " The News Times Online" this morning and wanted to pass it along.

I am the one who invited Terry Jones to speak at the Tea party meeting. Why do you think he hates Muslims? He doesn't like Sharia law .Where is the freedom to speak? I invited him to speak because he is running for President and the tea party is open to hear from all parties. We are not just the Republican party, we are for the one that stands with our core values and the constitution. I don't think it was right to burn the Koran or the Bible but Ilike his seven points Towards saving America.1 stop overspending 2 Balance the Budget 3.Reduce Miltary spending 4.Deport all illegals 5.Reduce corporate Taxes 6. Reduce bureaucary 7.Legalize hemp to be used in building material - it is ten times stronger than steel; this will create jobs . We will not meet at Cox"s but my home at 103 Washington Ave, Newport .

Ken Humphrey's comments after the event

I thought I would post what Ken Humphrey , Carteret County Chair and general troublemaker put on Facebook last night, It sums it up pretty well.

GRAND FIZZLE! The very Right Reverend had five cars. 8 people at the house in Newport. His Revelations started at 6PM. At 6:21 David Hurst called from in front of the house:8 people exited. The Tea Folks were sparse. Gaunt.Rev got into his lite blue Odyssey van, Fla license 7946A. Rode off into the sunset. Tears in the eyes of the TeePeerers. The Florida ICON of Crystal Coast Tea Party Patriots - was GONE!
Cox 'Family' Restaurant - just missed making history.

With people standing up and showing their outrage this folded up like a cheap card table. There is a lesson in this for us. As Churchill said " The duty of the opposition is to oppose" Lets put the pressure on. As long as we let them hold to spotlight they will. It is better to shine it on them for all to see what they are.