Gun smoke

One thing I like to study is what's called "revenge theory." It's a way of understanding social phenomena where a thing you're trying to avoid is the thing you cause to happen. It explains more things than you might imagine.

For example, recent funding restrictions in Iowa on Planned Parenthood have resulted in a growing number of abortions. Surprise, surprise.

Similarly, an increase in overt racism has pulled the trigger on more people buying guns, guns, guns.

Philip Smith, the president of the National African American Gun Association, said that he had a massive influx of members in two waves: Once, in 2016, following President Donald Trump's election, and again during the recent racial justice protests. He said a year ago, NAAGA was getting maybe 10 new members a day; now, its seeing 10 new members an hour. He said there are many factors pushing Black people to buy firearms, including "the politics right now, the pandemic and the racial tone: Those three things together act as kind of a three-headed monster that is driving folks to come to us."

Unless and until we see a willingness on the part of racists and bigots to chill out, I expect we're going to see a lot more gun ownership across the board, and especially among Black Americans. And as long as the 2nd Amendment animates so much of our social discourse, we're in for a rough time.

Owning guns is one of our basic freedoms. Fairness dictates that this particular freedom is extended to anyone and everyone who wants to participate.

Lock and load, America.



The gun-nuts are their own worst enemy

I tried to explain this to one of them a few years ago, went right over his head.

They claim they're defending 2nd Amendment rights that are constantly being "infringed," but the truth is, they are the ones constantly trying to broaden them, regardless of how reckless that is.

They want to carry guns everywhere, from schools to playgrounds to parades, etc. They want to be able to buy and sell them at wish, with no common-sense regulations or controls, and let children have unfettered access, to boot.

But just like water seeks its own level, society will eventually "correct" for that radical approach. There will be pushback to that "guns everywhere" push, and it will be their own fault.