I woke up this morning

Waking up is never a sure thing for me. My family has a rich history of heart disease and every doctor I've had worries about my cholesterol.

Yesterday I had some kind of medical episode, not sure exactly what. Might have been a TIA or something similar. Might have been a panic attack, dehydration, who knows. My daughter called 911 and an ambulance came out to where we were on I40. I ended up not going to the ER, but am still a bit out of it. Life is short, that's for sure.

This morning when I woke up, I found myself in deep depression about the state of our democracy. I found myself despising Tillis, Burr, Berger, Moore, Trump and Amy Fucking Barrett with red-hot anger and a fervent wish that they all literally drop dead and rot in hell. I'd gladly give my life for our country if those five assholes would join me.

How we got to a place where their kind of moral depravity is respected by any living soul is far beyond my ability to understand. How we got to a place where a third of my fellow citizens are proudly ignorant racists is mind-boggling. How we got to a place where people actually cheer their greed and self-interest is sad beyond belief.

I really do hate hate hate what Thump, Thillis, et. al., are doing to this country.



Glad you're okay

After a blood workup associated with my rare need for steroids to deal with a sciatica, a cholesterol problem was detected. Took statins for a couple years and brought it down quite a bit, but switched to Niacin after that. My blood pressure is relatively good now (128/73), but it spikes sometimes, especially when I get upset.

I've learned to back off from time to time when anger begins to take over. Close the tabs on news & social media, listen to some music. That stuff will still be there when I'm ready for it.