NC county government sues Big Pharma over opioid crisis

New Hanover County takes their battle against addiction to court:

Drug makers “aggressively pushed highly addictive, dangerous opioids, falsely representing to doctors that patients would only rarely succumb to drug addiction,” the lawsuit reads. “These pharmaceutical companies aggressively advertised to and persuaded doctors to prescribe highly addictive, dangerous opioids and turned patients into drug addicts for their own corporate profit.”

“The residents of New Hanover County are bearing the burden of the cost of the epidemic, as the costs of treatment for addiction, education and law enforcement continue to rise,” Woody White said in a Friday news release. He’s the chairman of the county commissioners. “New Hanover County aims to have this suit accomplish two things: require the responsible parties to pay our taxpayers for the monetary damages caused, and to force them to follow federal law so we can stem the tide of this horrible epidemic, and help save lives.”

Good for them, but this is likely going to be tougher than winning a lawsuit against gun manufacturers, since some of the most respected professionals in our society (doctors) have to approve each prescription. But if the county can get a hefty settlement out of this, it might just jerk a knot in the machine that's destroying so many lives.



This one's personal for me

I've had a family member plagued by opiates for 13-14 years now, and it's been pure hell on everybody involved. The roller coaster that is recovery/relapse/recovery/relapse is impossible to explain to people who haven't experienced it, so let me just say, "count yourself extremely lucky" if it hasn't touched your life.

Person County joined a suit

Are there multiple suits?
They actually had the rare unanimous BOCC vote to join the suit.
We've had at least 4 deaths (we're not very large population-wise). We're paying to stock our first responders with Narcan and we're seeing an increase in the number of kids needing foster care.