On the NC GOP's failed effort to replace a judge

They don't come any sleazier than Robin Hayes:

Democrat Roy Cooper would become governor in several weeks and Robin Hayes, the former U.S. congressman on the other end of the line, wanted McCullough to consider resigning early from his elected seat so Republican Pat McCrory could appoint a replacement in the waning days of his administration. The Republicans not only had lost the governor’s office with Cooper’s victory. They also had lost a majority on the state Supreme Court in the November elections.

That phone call from North Carolina’s Republican Party chairman over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last year illustrates how the political focus on North Carolina’s courts has sharpened in recent years and shows no signs of easing anytime soon.

I have even more respect for Judge McCullough after reading this than I did earlier in the year, and that's saying a lot. If we had more Republicans with his level of integrity and backbone, I have a feeling things would be a lot different than they are:

McCullough offered several reasons why he was troubled by the request: not only would he lose pay and benefits by stepping away early, but he had cases on his desk and opinions to consider and draft that he did not want to leave for others. McCullough said he suggested a way the lawmakers could tweak legislation so judges approaching retirement age could stay until a successor was elected, but said Hayes told him he doubted such a proposal would go anywhere.

“That was when I realized, it wasn’t keeping a Republican in the seat that they were interested in,” McCullough said. “It was getting their Republican in the seat.”

When cowards find themselves in power, they don't want good, honest people on their team, they want sycophants who want call them on their bullshit.



They literally have no shame

Is it naive for me to wonder what kind of circumstances, diet, upbringing, or any other factor could produce someone as sleazy as Hayes/Berger/Moore?

It's hard to know who's worse

It's hard to know who's worse. Berger, Moore, or the shitstain named Robin Hayes.

I sure do miss the days when Bob Orr was a Republican.

Judge McCulloch

Except for his party choice, I have always found him to be personable, competent, and concerned about what he does. He has a deep concern for the practicing attorney and has been active in a good way in his profession. His action should not surprise anyone. He has a strong sense of right and wrong that overrides his party identity,