NC House 4th District 2nd Quarter Campaign Finance Disclosure

Cross-Posted at theOnslow County Politicsweb-log.

In the NC House 4th District, Incumbent Russell Tucker (Dem) is being challenged by
Richard Kaiser
(Rep). Representative Tucker has significantly out-raised his challenger, receiving over $5,700 this quarter while Richard Kaiser has only received $250. Mr. Kaiser’s entire 2nd quarter contributions are from individual donors, whereas Representative Tucker’s quarterly income is almost entirely from political action committees. Without those corporate contributions, the two would be quite close in fund-raising.

Let’s look at the details.

Representative Tucker received $375 in donations from aggregated individuals and individual donations and $5,350 from political action committees. What corporate PACs donated to Representative Tucker?

Coca-Cola Consolidated Employees for Good Government donated $250. The NC Home Builder’s Association Build PAC has donated $1,000. Dominion PAC has donated $300. The NC Hospital Association PAC gave the campaign $1,000. Progress Energy Employees Carolinas PAC sent $500. NC Nurse Practitioner PAC donated $500. The NC Association of Convenience Stores has donated $300. Premium Stand Farms Federal Better Government Fund gave $250. CaroLink PAC donated $1,000. Pepisco Concerned Citizens Fund contributed $250. NC Outdoor Advertising PAC gave $500 and RBC Centura gave two contributions totaling $5.41 as interest earned on the campaign account.

As previously noted, Mr. Kaiser has raised no corporate dollars and only $250 in private contributions. There is a discrepancy in Mr. Kaiser’s disclosure form, however, it is minor. His form is missing the Disbursements sheet which details the $359 his campaign spent this quarter. While the State does not closely regulate the uses of campaign funds, it is important that campaign donors know that their money is being spent appropriately by the campaign.

I’ve contacted the North Carolina Board of Elections and will report back their findings.