Parker to continue as NCDP Chairman

Apparently it's crazier than it seems:

The 742-member N.C. Democratic State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro voted to retain David Parker as chairman. He had turned his resignation in earlier in the day but agreed to stay on after the vote.

Can somebody help me with a little math here? I know I went to a county school and all that, and studied some fairly obscure dead civilizations as a History major, but...if you subtract the 269 pro-Parker votes from the 742 SEC members, that leaves 473 votes. Subtract the 203 hasta la vista, baby votes cast from the remaining total, and you still have 270 outstanding votes not cast. Did I miss something? I mean, other than the passengers not giving a shit who's driving the bus.


2 things

The entire body is 742 but not everyone attends. The final vote was at the N&O reported. Although there were earlier votes on the issue that had higher totals (people get tired and leave + it was a very confusing process). All the votes had Parker's resignation rejected by a similar margin.

Thanks to those who voted for Democracy in the Democratic Party

I am frankly glad the royalists (Gov, SOS, consultants, COS, and the howling mob) did not prevail, and I think I am the single Democrat that published that sentiment here and to the entire SEC, which elicited a lot of crap and hatred, "Oh you will ruin the party". For whom, the people or the COS and consultants. What a bunch of Scribes and Pharisees.

First, there was a rush to judgment. Second, most of the pressure came from the Obama campaign who wanted pristine terrritory upon which to place the royal red carpet upon which he would place his dainties in NC. No, dammit, the people had a say and should continue.

The royalists were running to kiss the robes and axxxx of Obama and others, as well at the consultants. Bev and Elaine and the COS have embarrassed themselves and it was their fault. As well it was the consultants, Woods, Crone, etc. who were looking to slip in and protect their contracts by running the party. It was a sleazy political power play and enough people had sense to see through it. Quit whining about the details, the right folks won. David Parker is THE only person who belongs in that seat NOW, facing this election. Get behind him and actually work for the Party and for OFA, to whom we are inextricably bound.

Now, dammit, lets recapture the State House and Senate!




The royalists were running to

The royalists were running to kiss the robes and axxxx of Obama and others, as well at the consultants. Bev and Elaine and the COS have embarrassed themselves and it was their fault.

Read more:

How was it their fault?

I'm not going to comment on the vote - I have an opinion, but it doesn't matter what it is. I'm just curious to find out how this is somehow Governor Perdue, Sec. Marshall, and the Council of State's fault? Are they the ones who somehow missed all the shenanigans that were going on at Party headquarters? Are they the ones that hoped a sexual harrassment case would somehow blow over? Please - do let me know. I'm very curious, and you seem to be "in the know."


Only an unstable halfwit would think that the votes of 269 people outweigh the voices of the millions who voted for the Governor and the President and then deem those who disagree undemocratic.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

If thinking Elaine Marshall

represents more people with more legitimacy than David Parker does makes me a royalist, then God Save the Queen.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

it is no Democrat who speaks

it is no Democrat who speaks of The President and Elaine like this.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Bill, please quit making things up.

I do not, nor have I had any contract with the Party what so ever. My actions are not a power play for money, but to save the Party from grandiose delusional self appointed protectors of the faith like yourself. In fact, I'm sure this will cost me money, but I do not care. Respectfully, you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

I spoke up because I know that covering up sexual harrasement and attacking women who have served the party with devotion is not only contrary to our party's values, but a poor way to win elections. OFA will have absolutely noting to do with the NCDP as long as Parker stays on, ensuring we will not get back the Senate or the House. You realy are divorced from reality here. The GOP owes Mr. Parker you and Mr. Telesca their MVP award.

The only way Parker did not cover up sexual harresment is if Sallie Leslie lied. Are you again calling her a liar? If so, sir those are fighting words. Name the place and time. I'll bring Phil Leslie who is your age and also a veteran. I'm confident he would like to take a turn with you.

Hello Perry Woods

It is you, is it not? Sort of recognize your style and information.

You know I did not "make things up". I did repeat some gossip and rumors, but no more than most folks hereabouts. But, I do sometimes come to conclusions. And so I did this time. And, I am perhaps quite wrong. But, the decision to leave this whole thing in a vacuum was an absolute mistake, on the part of anyone in charge of anything.

My regrets to Sallie. I am persuaded we might have not known about Kara Bolton and her affiliation with John Hood, which was the subject of some speculation on email some time ago. But, I contend the thing was not laid out and open, and that caused the growth of fear and uncertainty. We could easily have walked out and have elected Don Vaughn and ALEC thanks to someone's lack of knowledge and competence. BTW, nice touch on teleconf with Mary Ann other night.

So keep on whaling on me if you want, or enlist some bigger and help win elections.



Quit calling Sallie a liar

and defending a disgrace of a Chair for covering up sexual harassement and putting himself and his ego above the Party and winning election as you proclaim to support, and I will let go.

You implication that Elaine

You implication that Elaine Marshall and the COS wanted Parker gone to get Check off money is completely made up. Saying that throwing good money at no win situation is a bad idea is not trying to steel check off money.

The fact is David has not raised anything, and he will have to use check off money just to keep the doors open.

so what that Kara dated John.

Carvelle married Matlin. I disagree with John Hood on almost everying (except Amendment One which he opposed) but he had more integrity than most of the players involved today.

We could have elected Micky Mouse or the guy in prison in WV today, and it would have been better for our electoral chances than where we are now.

I am confused ....I thought

I am confused ....I thought the problem was a Latino young guy not a woman. So not sure that "attacking women" is a valid in this context. But could be wrong.

The lawyer showed up to the SEC Meeting

This whole debacle of an SEC meeting left a horrible taste of politics in my mouth. I was present from the beginning and if one just sat back you could see the dog and pony show beginning to end.

David never intended to resign. It was all smoke and mirrors to get the heat off from him and to get enough time to create a diversion. The classic, "Don't look at me look over there” trick worked masterfully for the NCDP Chair. His lawyer skills came into play as we saw him morph from the man with a no comment response to a growing scandal into the saint who is trying to protect the common people from the lofty politicians.

This legal defense bag of tricks will work in the short term and has given him a victory of sorts, but the coming clouds of judgment are on the horizon.

How can we as a Party unite under such division which could have been erased had David parker kept his word and rose above the fray with honor by resigning as he said he would do?

How can the party raise the needed funds to elect our hard working Democrats who are the reason for the party? The party is not here for the chair, but to elect Democrats into office to help make policy that reflects our Democratic values.

How can us as a state party point the finger at the Republicans when they play political tricks, use smoke and mirrors and avoid accountability, while the finger points back at us? We should stand for something better than the status quo and quite frankly I am disgusted at the way our party has rallied around a man who dropped the ball, lied, deceived the masses and put personal pride above the well-being of the party.

Had this been a CEO of a major company and this PR and legal nightmare became public under his or her watch, they would have been voted out by the shareholders. Our party shareholders voted to reward incompetence and overlook the bigger picture of how this looks to the rest of the world. They just handed the Republican Party another advantage over us in the general election.

I am proud of my vote to accept Chairman Parker’s resignation. And for the record, I have no personal dealings with the man that would cause me to do so other than a vested interest in the good of the party and to be an example of putting the party ahead of personal gain.

Thank you

This was not "democracy" no matter how furiously some want to spin it as such. This was a cynical game plan hatched out by Parker and his come-hell-or-high-water followers in the secret meeting that took place on Lake Norman a few weeks ago. Their sordid bag of tricks was filled with lies, false rumors, bullying, betrayal, procedural monkey wrenches that did not allow the opposition to speak, and a despicable smear campaign directed mostly against women -- the references to panties constituted a veritable Freudian slipfest. SEC members were confused and felt railroaded, and many of the Democrats present who, naively in hindsight, trusted Parker's word left the meeting fuming.

I personally apologized to Elaine Marshall for the lies and the name calling by those in the SEC who have been busy channeling Gene Messick these past few days.

This was done in bad faith, and nothing good will come of it. Democrats who value transparency, accountability and basic honesty in our leadership feel like they have been forced to swallow toxic sludge.

Those who prevailed on Saturday may have won a political victory, but they lost something much more valuable: the respect and trust of those who believe in the principles the Democratic Party is founded upon. If the means justify the end, watch out for the karmic fallout coming our way.

It is interesting that the vote allowing Parker to stay on passed with a slimmer margin -- 57 to 43 -- than Amendment One. I hear no calls among those of us who fought against this travesty to rally behind the amendment now that the "the people have spoken" and "democracy" has won. A struggle for what is right cannot be reduced to political gamesmanship. So don't expect Democrats who stand for what is right and fair and just to toot a different horn all of a sudden.

Our values determine our politics; not the other way around.

Thank goodness, we can still trust our local Democratic leadership. We'll make this our political home until January.

Resistance is Fertile



I am on the SEC

I was elected because we needed to find 40some people from Wake County and about 50 people ran.

You and I no more represent "the people" than your dog does. Bev Perdue is Governor. 2 million people voted for her. David Parker should have said "yes ma'am" and stepped the hell down.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

I am not on the SEC

I'm no Dem insider by any stretch, but I have been following this saga. Parker agreed to resign. His resignation was rejected by a majority of the SEC. I know this disappoints some, but a majority of the SEC at the meeting wanted otherwise. These are the grassroots leaders of the NCDP. I don't care if the Gov, COS, OFA, and Gary Pierce want otherwise. The grassroots leaders have spoken. Let's move on and do our best to bring more power to the people just as Frank Porter Graham would have wanted us too.

We did

It was passed as a motion by a voice vote and not contested by anyone.


Per WRAL, there was 4 hours of discussion back and forth after Parker resigned.

You're a good friend and a better consultant, but you can count the votes. Parker supporters won 269 to 203. Not even close. Parker obviously has significant support.

If you can gather the votes next time, go for it, but for me, I'm moving on to support Dem candidates in Nov.


There was not four hours of debate. He gave a stem winder and then called for the vote on his resignation, which has never happened before. Then debate was cut off. We did not go after David for the good of the Party because he promised he was going away. He was given the opportunity to save face. If he had been honest about his intentions, opposition would have pointed out why he could not stay and vote would have been diferent. He either covered up sexual harassement or Sallie Leslie is a liar. What do you think is true? The Lt. Gov's statement tonight is essentially 'he lied to me'.

I'm fine moving on supporting Dem candidates, but the NCDP will be an albatrous around their necks. I am not willing to accept covering up sexual harrasement to win eleciotn. Call me madcap, but I assume you would not fine with that either.

No option to save face, Perry

Perry, how is it having David Parker vilified and sabotaged in the media, ridiculed and made fun of before resigning a way of "saving face?" Demanding he resign did not provide a means to save face and you should recognize that. David Parker did resign. Why is that a problem to admit? And who is this "we" you speak of?

You and your group did attack the man and you lost. It is as simple as that. Don't know why Sallie Leslie is being dragged into this conversation. It doesn't seem as simplistic to me that its about David being bad or good versus Sallie telling the truth or lying.

Sallie Leslie chose to reveal private confidential information to the media and you choose to defend her because it suits your needs. The NCDP is no albatross (you should learn to spell, son).

If David Parker orchestrated anything as you seem to feel, then maybe you were out-maneuvered? After 34 years experience in NC politics, maybe Parker is just more politically savvy than you? Do you think you can move forward or would you prefer to stop bashing the party who pays you to consult?

And how will Marshall, the COS and Governor fare w/egg on face?"

Thenk you this comment to the post. Perry is skewered for ridiculous conduct, or rather Whaler Cane, but what of the pepole in authority who swallowed this ordure wholesale from Perry, John Burns, Crone, etc., consultants who hoped to be the king makers also.

The simple question is: how could such pols be unable to see this was a losing proposition, and shoved it anyway -- well White House and DNC must had, had to have, threatened everyone multiple times. See, once the convention is over, and the election is over, the DNC and WH have NO use for NC anyway. So, it will be cast adrift with its 10 Repub House Members, to fend for itself.

The current Democratic seniors presided over 2010, not understanding that the national Republican strategies were led by capturing state legislatures and flooding them with crap from ALEC and think tanks. Even though Tom Fetzger spoke his strategy fully and repeatedly. The "wise old heads" who could not devine the strategy are the same ones who cut Parker down. We need to raise a staff for NCDP to do the job that Jay Parley was in fact doing. How did we get so many losers in one place for so long. Must be congenital.



Number of Votes


Just so you know, the necessary quorum was 300 (40% + 1). At 12:30, we had a little over 500 registered, but by the time of final vote on David, only 476 votes were cast, and I recall 5 of them being rejected.

Yes, there are 746 elected SEC members. Too bad the other 250 or so did not bother to show up or get a proxy. Oh yeah, less than half of the Wake delegation bothered to attend. So maybe, just maybe the real anger here should be directed toward those duly elected SEC members that failed to fulfill their responsibilities.

Well, call me stupid.

I'm not an SEC member, but I found two Democrats to take proxies from my county for members who could not attend and strongly suggested to them that the best person to replace David Parker was David Parker. I was not impressed with any of the other names mentioned -- notwithstanidng what the COS and Governor thought -- because, you see, I have been a Democratic Party activist for 40+ years and I think I know as well as anyone does what it takes to be a good NCDP chair -- I've followed them all. Some were good, some were mediocre, some were non-existent -- David is one of the best.

Allegations of sexual harassment.....

...that haven't been proven. Counselor - you really should know better than that.

Tell me - can character evidence be used to impeach a witness in a civil case? Just curious - thought you might know.

How much do you think it would have cost for the NCDP to defend itself in a sexual harassment case even if there was no finding of guilt? What would that have cost us - and not in terms of money - to have a case like that on the news every night, even if there was no finding of guilt?

Or isn't that your area of expertise in the law?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

this is not Court, Chris.

Those rules don't apply when you are in a position of public trust and you bungle it.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

So then what "rules" apply?

So far you no one has been able to specifically state what rules, if any, David Parker violated in the handling of this matter?

  • He didn't violate the POO.
  • He didn't violate the NCDP personnel policies.
  • He didn't violate State or Federal laws by discussing the matter with gossips like you who think that EVERYTHING in the Party needs to be transparent but only for this particular matter.

It's interesting to see you are all bent out of shape about the $10 grand that's been discussed so far. Did any of you demand David Young's resignation over nearly $10K spent on Bev's ticket upgrades to China back in 2009 that got mentioned at the March 2010 SEC Meeting?

Did any of you blame David Young when two staffers got fired for various reasons (one a DUI and another alleged incident of sexual harassment) shortly after the August 2009 SEC meeting in Charlotte? You didn't get upset about it because you didn't know about it - it was none of your business and it was investigated and handled by the Chair and the staff.

I knew about it because someone thought there were suspicious people in the upper regions of Goodwin House, and I was asked to escort a female staffer up to the third floor and start "cleaning the building" one night late in October 2009. It was later explained to me that one of the recently discharged workers had reason to sneak back into the building.

So the way I look at it - even if in fairly similar circumstances David Parker did exactly the same thing that David Young did - and neither of them told you anything about it - why didn't you raise a big stink about Young approving nearly $10K for Bev's upgrade and her hubby's plane tickets and the way he dealt with sexual harassment but the way David Parker dealt with it causes you to lose perspective?

Of course it could be that David Young had no intention of upsetting anyone's rice bowl, so no matter what David Young did about these personnel or financial matters, you guys didn't care because you (or your consultant buddies) were getting what you wanted. Even though what you wanted resulted in a historic loss in 2010.

Many in the grassroots saw that the Democratic Party's chances in NC in 2010 reminded them of a bus heading towards the edge of a cliff, with the engine on fire and the lug nuts coming off the wheels. I guess that was OK as long as the right people were making money and telling the passengers and the big cheeses in HQ that everything was alright.

So after the bus went over the cliff, everyone was SHOCKED! I got a call from Verla Insko relaying a call she got from David Young. He was in shock because all the experts (consultants) had told him the losses wouldn't be so bad. He was wondering if there was something else going on - like vote counting errors, machine errors, etc. Eventually the whole election debacle got blamed on being outspent by the Koch Brothers, Art Pope, and Citizen's United. No one ever looked at the fact that the Gov had her hand-picked NCDP Chair and they hired exactly who they wanted when it came to staff and consultants. Of course none of that could be their fault!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

The rest of us have lives too!

But we were there.

And many of those who were there were very mad at being made to come to this meeting on such short notice on Graduation Day and Mother's Day weekend. I missed a very dear friend's college graduation (graduate degree). This friend understood the reason why I wouldn't be there.

They were mad at the Governor, the COS, and even Walter Dalton (who must have been given some really bad information by his consultants) forcing this meeting on us all.

Many people were also mad that there was so little time to do due-diligence over the candidates.

I had also planned to go about half-way to GBO on Saturday to attend the 13th District Resolutions and Platform Committee which we normally hold the weekend BEFORE the District Convention. But the SEC meeting prevented that.

There was no reason why this meeting couldn't have taken place in June - except for the fact that the taxpayer checkoff money would have been in the hands of the District Chairs by then. Can't let that happen now, can we?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I have children Chris

My votes were cast. I did what I was supposed to do. And then I went and coached my children's baseball games.

I understand if you can't possibly comprehend why that is more important.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

If you want respect shown

If you want respect shown to the office of NCDP chair and the man who currently occupies it - I would suggest you show respect to the holders of the offices of President of the United States, Governor of North Carolina, and all the other Council of State members with whom you have disagreements.

You encourage us all to "pull together" - showing disrespect to the people we actually look to as leaders is not going to inspire many people to do that.

Just a thought.


I'm done with shortsighted morons. I'm going out for a drink. I hope I see Telesca.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

tell yourself that all you want

Winner isnt the word Id use.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire


Do you really think if he didn't resign in full after getting calls from the DNC and the White House that the many negative comments you have made are going to change anything?

Told you you just helped ruin the party

Pretty much it. What you would have done, would have been up to you. I assume you would have called my workplace, tried to have me fired. But maybe not. I'm male.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire


Both of you need to stop fighting like this, it is really petty and reflects poorly on both of you. Same to everyone else that is throwing mud on both sides. What happened, happened. There will likely be consequences. But what's done is done and it's hard for me to see how endless fighting on the Internet does anything to advance the party or its ideals. Please stop!

Sad Day for NCDP

Hard to imagine a party led by David Parker asking North Carolinians to support and respect our Democratic candidates when he, himself, can't muster the gumption to do so.

I'm not a SEC member or a consultant or a royalist or whatever other disparaging term Parker loyalists want to toss my way...I am simply a North Carolina voter who thinks a man's word means something. If Parker hadn't intended on resigning--as he clearly did not--then he ought to have said lie makes him no better than "the royalists" his supporters condemn.

I hope Parker and his 269 supporters have enough time and money between them to staff and fund the coordinated this year. I imagine there will be a dearth of those from everyone else. I'll be donating what little time and money I have to give to OFA or to candidates directly.

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

Respect? Bev? Come on, she

Respect? Bev? Come on, she has been a lousy governor and would have flamed out in defeat. As for the COS...please. How many of them will be sitting on the CoS in 2013? So the Politburo speaks and like good comrades we are suppose to respect directives and we have to kick out Parker? As for the WH and the President. Will work my ass off for his re-election but the goings on of the NCDP want lose him one damn vote. Best worry about the 40% ...Democrats...who voted for Amendment 1. As the settlement and the whole sorted sexual allegations against the former exec director....have you ever considered throwing it back at the GOP everytime they bring it up...who is the party of the WIDE STANCE ....the party of the Congressman who has a page fetish....and lets not forget Herman Caine.....why this party cedes every fight to the rightist is beyond me. Turn tell and run once again ....tarring and feathering Parker will not make
you any less a coward.

not surprised

Not surprised you posted this embarrassing claptrap anonymously.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

posting anonymously

Makes you a coward, though, doesnt it?

When you have the gonads to sign your posts, let alone put your name on a ballot and run for office, then you might be worth listening to. But I doubt it. Stupid stays stupid.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire


I haven't threatened anyone, Chris. I wanted to find you to give you a piece of my mind. If that threatens you, you have some issues to work through.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Super PACs & OFA

are the only way we will save this state.

DP's loudest supporters are also spend their time trying to create drama, road blocks, and mayhem.

DP does not serve as an elected official (you know, the folks we try to get elected in effort to keep GOP policies from ruining NC). He was asked by those same individuals (follow me - who once again do the REAL BATTLE against the GOP) to go away. Instead, DP uses a loophole in the POO to keep his chairmanship.


269 individuals determined the fate of N.C.

And I thought Art Pope was the enemy.

If OFA is the only way to

If OFA is the only way to "save the state" we're in trouble. I don't know about your experiences with them, but realistically they could not care less about in-state Democrats. They're only out for the President.

Give me a break. This is the

Give me a break. This is the conclusion you have reached. The election win or loss will now be decided because of a vote to keep Parker. Really. Really.

Math literacy and civics education SUCKS in North Carolina!

It wasn't 269 individuals who determined the fate of NC.

It was the 472 SEC members who cast votes.

269 of them (or 56.99%) voted to reject the resignation and keep David Parker. 203 of them (or 43.01%) voted not to reject.

And the vote to reject Parker was by a slightly bigger margin than the vote for him as NCDP Chair in January 2011.

But all we need in a majority election is 50% plus one vote. Or don't you know the meaning of majority?

Part of being an adult is agreeing to play any game or contest by rules. We had rules presented to us, and we debated them, then voted on them.

If you can't respect those fact - that rules were presented to the body, debated and passed by the body, then we had elections according to those rules - then I don't know what to say. You sound like one of those whiny brats you see who want what they want when they want it just because they want it - and God help the parent who doesn't give in to them. They'll never be happy!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting