Pope puppet professor may run for NC Treasurer

Frequent JLF mouthpiece Mike Walden itching to get his hands on the purse strings:

Mike Walden, an economist at N.C. State University, confirmed he is thinking about entering the race, which was thrown open by Democratic incumbent Janet Cowell’s surprise announcement Tuesday that she will not seek re-election. Walden is a frequent writer and commentator on North Carolina’s economy and policies. He holds a master’s and doctorate from Cornell University.

“I am thinking about possibly throwing my hat in the ring,” Walden wrote. “I have some ideas for modifying the investment portfolio to increase transparency and reduce management fees.”

Of course, the N&O fails to mention any connection between the perfessor and the Pope, but we're used to that here at BlueNC and will continue to point these things out when they happen.



Also: He's Unaffiliated and it is too late to switch

He's Unaffiliated.
The deadline for changing party affiliation is 75 days before filing.
That was last week.
So, what does that mean?
If he is not D/R/L then he has to collect signatures to get on the ballot? Is that correct? And what other issues does it raise for campaigning?

A shitload of signatures

Like 2% of the number of people who voted in the Gubernatorial race last time? Or something like that. And you have to get x number of signatures in x number of Congressional districts.

That being said, there's seventy-something billion reasons to make the effort. Big-ass pile of money.