Practicing preaching

I'll bet most people reading this have already voted -- and may have done even more to help with the election. You're among the 1% of people who are politically involved, I appreciate all you do. But there's still work to be done.  As I write this, my wife Jane is coordinating a frenzy of phone banking here in Orange County. Her teams made 8000 calls yesterday.

Which brings me to one more request.

I know. You're tired of all the voter contact that's going on. So am I. Yet here we are, with our democracy and our country still on the line. I hope you'll consider one more action.  I hope you'll send an email to everyone in your address book. Just copy and paste:

I'm forwarding this from a friend of a friend. It reflects what I'm thinking today, on this last Sunday before election day.

Hey there.

You might be surprised to be getting a last-minute email from me, so thanks in advance for a minute of your time.  I wasn't sure if I should send this to all my contacts, but I figured what the heck. There's too much at stake.

I believe our country and our democracy are at grave risk with Donald Trump as president. Not just because of his policies, but because of his never-ending lies. I just don't see how we can thrive as a nation when one party treats truth like a plaything.

Trump's lies are well-documented and legion. Take his propaganda on the pandemic, for example. Even if you think herd immunity is the way to go and that many more deaths are acceptable, you'd be crazy to buy Trump's nonsense about the pandemic being "almost over." It's not. Infections are spreading like wildfire. There will not be a vaccine this month, or even this year. 
We deserve honesty.

If you disagree with me, please just stop reading. We have fundamentally different ideas about truth and there's no point in arguing. I wish you well.

But if you agree or are uncertain, I hope you'll make the effort to do something about it.  I hope you'll say, "Enough lies."  I hope you'll vote. And that you'll vote for Joe Biden and other Democrats.

I realize I'm putting relationships at risk by making this kind of overt political request. But I guess some things are more important to me. Like truth.

PS  I hope you'll forward this email to your contact list. Don't worry about looking good or offending someone. Focus on protecting our country instead. Just choose your whole contact list and let 'er rip.



I just emailed to

my entire contact list, minus a few "iffy" people. I'll update with any interesting or relevant feedback.

I know I'm asking a lot, but if you would please, send something to your contact list as well? There's so much at stake and we need to reach out beyond our choir, so to speak.