Rallyto Restore Sanity MeetUp in Raleigh Friday

As most everyone is aware by now, the Comedy Central news team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert is hosting a giant event in the nation’s capital on Saturday October 30. The combination “Rally to Restore Sanity” / “March to Keep Fear Alive” is expected to bring as many as 100,000 people (or more) to Washington for a kind of irreverent, peaceful, anti-tea bag event.

Of course, not everyone can make it to DC. For those not able to make the trip, satellite events are popping up all over in which like-minded folks can gather, watch the TV feed from the big show and add a little local spin.

At last check, there were scores of such events scheduled all over the globe, but none in North Carolina.

Come out to Raleigh to join us in restoring sanity, have educated and respectful discourse, and so forth.

And for those of you who use MeetUp, here the link to our event there: http://www.meetup.com/rally4sanityandmarch4fear/32050/