Reminder: Debate on NC SPIN Sunday--Rev. Barber of NC NAACP and John Tedesco of Wake School Board

A debate was recorded on Thursday at WRAL studios in Raleigh and it will be shown on NC SPIN on its syndicated program across NC Sunday. See NC SPIN web site for local channels and times.

Rev. William Barber debated John Tedesco and the exchanges must have been pretty heated, as reported the debate continued even after the taping was completed.

Tedesco is one of the Gang of Five (as tagged by Chris Fitzsimon of Policy Watch), who gained a majority on the Wake Board of Education by picking up all four contested seats in 2009. Tedesco is the Chair of the Board Committee on student assignments, the bone of contention between the previous Board policy supporters and those seeking to replace the old policy with one allowing for "neighborhood schools."