SBOE live blog: Coup in progress

Breathtaking incompetence at the SBOE

Here we go folks, a coup attempt taking shape right before our eyes. I'll be updating frequently in comments.



Starting at 4:05

Starting by reading ethics statement. That's pretty damn rich.

Bullshit starting to flow

Trying to suggest that Cooper has a conflict of interest but that McCrory doesn't. Unbelievable.

We had a deceased voter...

We had one person that voted on the second day of Early Vote and then died about a week later but before 11/8. The County BoE located the ballot in question - OSEV are absentee ballots and can be traced - and backed it out. I do not know how they "back out" the votes from that ballot - I hope to ask about that. I assume it is somewhat manual.

IT director matching felons

IT director matching felons list and deceased list against voter roles. Exactly 339 people had cast early voting and absentee ballots were felons.

They are supposed to have letters sent to them to let them know they aren't eligible, which gives them 30 days to appeal.

Rogue IT guy

has access to Department of Corrections database? Unfuckingbelievable.

A legal mess

So, basically, this IT guy ran the report on his own volition without going to the Board first.

That creates a legal mess, since this "audit" was done without following any set procedure, because of the voter's right to answer any protest of their vote within 30 days. The voter didn't receive any notice that their record has been flagged, as usually happens when felons are dropped from the voter rolls

Felons weren't removed from

Felons weren't removed from rolls and were not informed about that (did not receive a letter), so is there a challenge to them?

Why the fuck are they discussing it?

On to core issue

Petition filed by McCrory for the SBOE to take over the responsibilities of the local boards.

The legal issues they're looking at

McCrory wants to preempt local boards.
There is no requirement to consider McCrory's request. No requirement whatsoever.
There is a process for challenges in Article 8, and there is a process for when they can be entered. Also there's a process for protests regarding the tabulation of ballots and irregularities.

All final judgments from the county level can be appealed to the SBOE.

Also, there's an ability for the SBOE to take over whatever it wants at any time for no reason.

General note

If you are a citizen and have wondered about the integrity of the SBOE, wonder no more. It's partisan hackery pure and simple.

They're stacking the deck by

They're stacking the deck by saying it's necessary for the SBOE take over to have statewide consistency.

SBOE talking about giving

SBOE talking about giving guidance to local boards. Isn't that their fucking job? SMH

Republican SBOE rep says

Republican SBOE rep says local boards should be able throw out ballots they don't like.

Poor Republican.

Poor Republican.
Can't stand democracy in action.
Wants to have dinner instead.

Rabble protesting and petitioning, tsk, tsk.

she (Amoroso) did just say

she (Amoroso) did just say she wanted "no fact-based evidence", amusing phrasing, but sounds like it is a bid that the interested parties list is small

No surprise, Amoroso showed her ass

at the meeting on early voting plans. She'd rather give up democracy than give up an extra fifteen minutes of her time. Ugh...

Reading is hard

So, she doesn't want them to speak (misses dinner), but written briefs take too long to read.


To long to sit ... literally her ass.

Technical question on the DB

Technical question on the DB query, they said they "included" the divers license field, did this query count "NULL" in one or both fields as a match? Not much better than not using the field, if the query was written that way.

SBOE staff

Getting a pat on the back for doing their jobs. They've been working hard. Oh my!

Then how did they allow such a fucked up situation to develop.

They're having a Tuesday

They're having a Tuesday meeting and need to let every county representative know and have the chance to attend. Sounds like they're trying to limit county boards ability to participate in that meeting.

Bladen County comes up

Malcomb asks three questions.

  • Is it true that the SBOE has been deployed to Bladen?
  • Is it true that Strach has been in touch with them?
  • Does it rise to the level of concern?

Malcomb proposes that SBOE take over investigation of Bladen County.

They don't have the numbers

They don't have the numbers to cut into Cooper's lead with just what they have shown. So the reason for the power play must be that they have something else they think they can spring, but it probably is only enough numerically if they can get this to be ruled on in all counties. So they needed this power play for it to work. Any guesses? More on Bladen-like challenging GOTV groups? something else?

Spring new legislation?

I wonder if McCrony knows he lost, but the party is pushing the idea of widespread voter fraud, with some kind of promise to Pat, in order to barrel through some new voter legislation.

The whole voter fraud thing was being talked up like crazy in the emergency meeting by the whacked-out Board of Elections member who was complain because didn't want to take time from her busy schedule to bother with BOE public meetings.

I think that was the primary goal

of the meeting, to set the groundwork for the Legislature to step in a few weeks from now. But I don't think the state BoE played the game the way it was supposed to. By taking over Bladen County only, they were sending a message that the 167 absentee ballot thing was the only *real* issue that needed closer scrutiny.

I hope I'm reading these tea leaves correctly...