Should NC legalize or decriminalize marijuana?


Not trying to "steer" your vote,

but this article by Rhiannon Fionn about Kelly Alexander's legislative efforts is very enlightening:

For Alexander, whose district covers parts of north Charlotte, HB 994 is as much about economics as it is about social justice. "Under the existing statute a police officer has discretion," he said, "and my bill eliminates discretion. So, if you're stopped and you have 3.5 ounces, under my bill you would not receive a fine, you would not receive a citation. It would be, 'Thank you very much. Go on, sir.'"

At present, said Lt. Brad Koch, a spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, "There are a multitude of ways an officer might develop a reasonable suspicion, including smelling marijuana, seeing marijuana or if a confidential informant tells the officer that the citizen has marijuana on them." That "reasonable suspicion," also known as "probable cause," can allow police to search a person and their property.

This becomes a problem when acting on the suspicion leads to unnecessary escalation, as was made evident in the 2016 fatal Keith Lamont Scott police shooting. It was, after all, marijuana that first drew the officers' attention to Scott, according to CMPD's official version of events.

I no longer believe that marijuana is a "gateway" drug, although it can appear to be if somebody is already predisposed (psychologically or genetically) to addiction. But it most definitely is a "gateway" to injustice.

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this poll and pushing the conversation forward! For many years players on all sides of the political spectrum have put forth a mantra that marijuana law reform is not important in comparison to the larger picture. Whether your issue is social justice or small government, this is one place to start.

Ann Twitty Caughran

I know we don't talk about it

as much as we should, but there are so many issues that need to be exposed here it sometimes feels like a crushing burden. It shouldn't, but it does.

Yes there are! I appreciate

Yes there are! I appreciate you all keeping the fires burning on all fronts!

Ann Twitty Caughran

Not to mention how

Not to mention how legalization could provide North Carolina farmers another 'cash crop' to put on the market.