Sources: North Carolina governor to back Clinton

Has anyone heard this?

(CNN) – North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley will endorse Hillary Clinton's White House bid, two sources close to the campaign tell CNN.

The endorsement could give the New York senator a boost in the state with one week to go until its crucial May 6 primary. Recent polling suggests Barack Obama currently holds a double-digit lead over Clinton there, though no polls have been released since Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania last week.

Easley is also a superdelegate — one of the party's more than 700 insiders who will determine which candidate wins the Democratic nomination. Earlier Monday, the Obama campaign announced it had picked up its own superdelegate endorsement, New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman.


On Under the Dome

Gov. Mike Easley is going to endorse U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, according to Tom Hendrickson, a former state Democratic party chairman who is a key Clinton supporter in North Carolina.

Easley agreed to the endorsement after returning from an economic development trip to Italy, reports Rob Christensen. Clinton is expected to fly to Raleigh on Tuesday for a joint event with Easley.

"We are excited about this opportunity," Hendrickson said.

Easley's office declined to comment.

An Easley endorsement would be the first endorsement for Clinton from a major North Carolina political figure. Three members of North Carolina's congressional delegation have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama.

Easley does not have the same sort of political machine that Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania used to help deliver votes for Clinton in that state.

But Easley is popular with rural, white, blue-collar Democrats, the sort of voters that Clinton has successfully targeted in wins in Pennslyvania and Ohio.

The Clintons have been quietly courting Easley, who is also a Democratic superdelegate, for months. Former President Bill Clinton has had numerous telephone conversations with Easley.

Oh, really?

But Easley is popular with rural, white, blue-collar Democrats, the sort of voters that Clinton has successfully targeted in wins in Pennslyvania and Ohio.

Are they talking about MIKE Easley? He's ...POPULAR with rural, white, blue-collar Democrats?


Where are they getting that?

Wait, I know. The same place they got that white women over 40 like me were going to all vote for Clinton.


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Pointing at Naked Emperors

He is popular.

I'm not mad at Easley for that.

When you read about Easley getting loose and kissing the wall at LMS, you may have disagreed and/or laughed.

I cheered when he got out (and gave him a cheap beer salute). Because I would much rather see a Democrat get a DNF that night rather than see a DNF in November.

If Mike likes Hillary, that does not make me mad, either.

There are more registered Dems in NC than repubs and independents, so Easley must be popular with Democrats even when they vote for Bush.

I don't think they made this one up.

You know

I've spoken to a lot of Democrats in my county this week, and in mostly rural precincts, and without even asking many of them, they've volunteered they'll be glad to see "the little bastard" go. "Well, just so you go out and vote!" is my response. So that's why I made that remark. Undoubtedly he's popular, and was more popular 8 years ago than he is now. But you know- whatever.

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And I never thought of Hillary

as the frontrunner, I knew she had more name recognition, thats why she was doing well in Polls before this whole thing began.

But, after the low-point of Clinton's campaign, the DC Primaries, everyone wanted to kick a girl when she's down, but lets see this through the P.R. vote; let the popular vote make an impact on superdelegates.

I like a national primary day, just like the General election, but thats just my opinion.

I haven't got a problem with

I haven't got a problem with the whole thing running its course; everyone deserves a chance to vote in a primary that "means something" (how ridiculous - I've never voted in an election in my life that didn't mean something. Even if a presidential nominee was decided, there ARE other races - and sometimes, the local races are MORE important in terms of how one's every day life is impacted.)

What I have a problem with is this the "poor Hillary" attitude. This was hers to lose - and she proven that she's quite good at doing just that.

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National Primary Day

My biggest issue with a National Primary Day is the substantial barrier to entry it creates for candidates. The cost of waging and coordinating an effective campaign in 50 states for a single day of voting would be tremendous. I suppose you could effectively campaign in a subset of the states (probably by region) in hopes amassing a plurality of votes, but even that is a daunting task.

Dan....I agree completely

That is the most important negative.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Which is another great argument

for full public financing of elections.

In my perfect world a part of the public financing puzzle will be requiring a certain amount of free air time from for-profit entities that hold a license to broadcast on the public airwaves. The stations that hate America will balk at that, of course. ;)

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." - Harry Truman

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Mike Easley


Just showed up on the Dome, too.

You can find it here.

If I had any inclination to vote for Hillary "We'll Obliterate Iran" Clinton, this possible endorsement would put and end to that. Coming from a guy who has (1) slapped his hands over his ears for a couple of years on the mental health debacle, (2) directed his staff to purge emails from their IT systems to keep information from the press, and (3) said he doesn't actually give a damn who the people of North Carolina want for president ... an endorsement from Mike Easley ain't nothin' to write home about.

And just to be clear. Mike Easley has worked hard to earn my recent criticism. A dozen years ago, I was a strong supporter who helped him raise money for his AG run. It's hard to fall that far that fast, but the Governor has done so without a hint of grace or style.

He earned my disgust, too

But I swear I don't think he worked very hard at it. Just let a few things be known. I, too, voted for him twice, and was really thrilled by him for a while. Super charming, personable, etc . . . . . But damn, what a snake.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

You must have

voted for Ballentine.

Has any 'superdelegate' contacted you to see what your opinion was.

What do you think a republican would have done?

Easley has done a good job, and I would even vote for his protege, Bev Perdue, if he endorsed her.


~does happy dance~

...back to studying...

None of the Above?

I would never, ever vote for Obama...
And I'm even ticked by this news.

Screw Hillary.*Paige_Michael-S

Well! It appears that you are running out of candiates and that leaves you with that lunatic McCain. Some option?

Now, now...

Mike Gravel and "no preference" were also on the ballot...;)

Definitely not voting for McCain.

Thankfully, the Libertarian Party is on the ballot in N.C.. I would vote for Barr or Ruwart in a heartbeat, although Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) is annoying.

As for Gravel, his failure to secure the Constitution Party nomination in addtion to joining the Libertarian and Green Parties has given me doubts about his viability. I'm holding out to see if he can get the Reform, Natural Law, Socialist Workers, America First, Independence, Centrist, Jefferson Republican, Marijuana, and Prohibition Party nominations before I make my decision.

And I've just had my ass chewed out by the bossman. Time to edit for immaturity.

Libertarians and ballot access

I don't believe they are on yet.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy


I've got 50 on Moore. Eh?

edit: NIELSEN!

Your edit is correct.

I did indeed vote for the Colonel.

I met him face to face Sunday at James' house, spoke to him about the MH forum, and what impressed me is that he said he learned a lot about mental health after the forum and proceeded to tell me what he learned. He's honest, forth-right, and he's not campaigning negatively.

So he got my vote.

Thought you in particular would be interested in that.

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Oh boy, you've gone insane without me.

Did he mention a date and/or time in which every North Carolinian can pick up their handguns and assault rifles?

I do.

Because Mike Munger is a friend of mine, and told me directly.

They are on the ballot in November.

Hillary Clinton will be in Raleigh 8AM Tue

Hillary Clinton will be speaking tomorrow at the McKimmon center. The doors will open at 7:00a.m. The program is set to start at 8 a.m. Hillary will be receiving a formal endorsement from Governor Michael Easley.

McKimmons Center:
1101 Gorman Street {off of Western Blvd.}
Raleigh NC, 27606

2ND Update:
Doors Open: 7:00 a.m. EDT
Event Begins: 8:00 a.m. EDT
HRC appears: 8:30 a.m. EDT

Bill Clinton

will also be making stops in Watauga, Stokes, and Wilkes County tomorrow also.

The Boone event details are not known yet

N. Wilkesboro 5:15 pm

Mt Airy 8:15 pm Mount Airy Middle School 8:18pm
249 Hamburg St
Mount Airy, NC 27030

Bill Clinton in Boone, Elkin

3:15 p.m. EDT
President Clinton Attends a “Solutions for America” Event
Appalachian State University
Varsity Gymnasium
530 Rivers Street
Boone, NC

6:45 p.m. EDT
President Clinton Attends a “Solutions for America” Event
Elkin High School
334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC

Wednesday, April 30
Apex, Sanford, Lillington, Dunn, Hope Mills, Lumberton, Whiteville


So close and yet so far!!!!!

Oh I wish I could get away to see him!



I am right-brained so...

I'll be stage managing the Hope Mills event...

Not that I have any idea what that actually means, other than looking Secret Service-like and glaring at people leaning on any rails.

...(goes to look for dark sunglasses and something to stick in ear)...

Captain! I have some suggestions!

...for something to stick in your ear!!!!!

:) please know I'm smiling good naturedly and wondering why I didn't meet you last Sunday and can you make it to an event for Wayne Goodwin in Moore County on Wednesday?

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Pointing at Naked Emperors

Exams, exams, exams...

Stressed beyond stressed right now.

Going to see Sen. Hagan tomorrow morning, she's doing an appearance in F-ville at 0830 (can't I ever sleep in?!?). Never had a chance to really see her, so will see what's the up with her (maybe I'll bring Pam's questions with me!). Then will be at the Clinton event at noon-ish in Hope Mills.

What time is the Goodwin event?

Wayne Goodwin at 5:30 to 7:00 pm

at Ragazzi's in Aberdeen on Rt 1.

Sorry I didn't get down to this question sooner! You've got a busy day!

I'm going to a Hagan event on Thursday, to see if I can get the questions answered, too. I guess I'd better check with you to see if you get an answer before I ask again!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Go Hillary!

We've already flushed America's integrity and decency so far down the toilet, what's another little threat to obliterate another country. Hell, even the Brits ain't buying it:

While it is reasonable to warn Iran of the consequence of it continuing to develop nuclear weapons and what those real consequences bring to its security, it is not probably prudent... in today's world to threaten to obliterate any other country and in many cases civilians resident in such a country," he said.

Ya think?

Easley endorsing Hillary...

...and both of our new gubernatorial candidates endorsing Obama proves once again that this is a race between the past and the future.


What Does win.
and what may win


Too funny. The candidate who leads in every category, is the candidate who may win??? But the other candidate is the one who "does," win? Laughable.

"If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you're a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind."-Kurt Vonnegut

One last time...The Clintons are corrupt!

On January 20, 2001, just hours before he was to leave office President Clinton issued 140 pardons. The amazing list of corrupt people pardoned, many involved in earlier Clinton scandals, and including the President's own brother, can be seen HERE The CNN commentary on those pardons can be read HERE. As usual, CNN initially missed the really big story. The big story was the pardon of two people you’ve perhaps not heard of. They were Pincus Green, an oil and gas commodities trader whose net worth was/is estimated by Forbes magazine at $1.2 billion USD and Marc Rich another Billionaire. Green fled the United States in 1983, along with partner Marc Rich, after being indicted by U.S. Attorney and future mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani, on charges of tax evasion and illegal trading with Iran. Both were also under investigation for non-payment of taxes for the 17+ years they had lived in exile avoiding prosecution on other charges.

The arguments against the pardons for these two men were many...including the allegation that neither was eligible for a pardon since they had not been brought to the US and tried or convicted (Switzerland does not have an extradition treaty with the US) nor served any prison time (ala Scooter Libby). What really iced the cake, however, were revelations that Marc Rich’s ex-wife Denise had give over $1 Million to the Democratic Party including more than $450K to the Clinton Presidential Library and $75K to Hillary’s senate campaign. Called before a Congressional committee to testify on the circumstances surrounding her contributions and the possibility that her husband’s pardon had been purchased, Denise Rich took the 5th Amendment and refused to testify. Nothing came of the investigations...except a lot of words. Remember, the power of the Presidency is immense. But many of those words were and are compelling. Here’s what two people had to say:

Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman
Committee on Government Reform
Hearing on Marc Rich Pardon
March 1, 2001

During the battle over impeachment, I repeatedly noted a distinction between private conduct and official activities. The President’s relationship with a White House intern was a personal failing and a betrayal to his family. Everything that sprang from that scandal–including his false testimony under oath–came from that personal failure.

In this case, however, Mr. Clinton’s failure to exercise sound judgment affected one of the most important duties of the Presidency. Bad judgment is obviously not impeachable. But the failures in the pardon process should embarrass every Democrat and every American. It is a shameful lapse that must be acknowledged, because to ignore it would betray basic principles of justice that Democrats believe in.

Calvin R. Massey, Professor Of Law at the University of California, Hastings, commented, in part, in his published commentary in THE JURIST on the Clinton pardons and the future of America. (any emphasis below is mine)

There is nothing wrong with the presidential pardon power. No constitutional amendments are needed; statutory restrictions are unnecessary and of dubious validity.

What went wrong was the good judgment of the American people. We had plenty of notice concerning Bill Clinton's character, in 1992 and again in 1996. We ignored it and we deserve the contemptuous slap in the face he delivered as a parting shot. Character was unimportant, we were told. We should separate the man from his office – so long as the country hummed with prosperity we should relax and accept whatever petty flaws and minor skeletons Bill had dragged with him from Arkansas to Washington. His private life was his own affair, and we should understand how a man could be driven by a remorseless political investigation to wag his finger at us and deny that he had had sex with that woman. We should overlook his attempts to induce others to lie on his behalf and his own dishonest testimony under oath. After all, the investigation itself was a vendetta. We should ignore the flood of soft money, much of it raised illegally from foreign citizens and laundered through domestic entities. We should not ask questions about the possibility that the Clinton administration's sharing of military technology with China was related to that tsunami of soft money. We took this advice and we were rewarded.

And you may say...what does this have to do with Hillary? She was part of this entire debacle and SHE TOOK THE MONEY!!!

Easely's endorsement, if true, is an endorsement of malfeasance. No surprises there.

Stan Bozarth

You know Stan really need to figure out how you feel about the Clintons.....I's hard for a girl to tell how you really feel! :D

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I have a republican

friend who made the same accusations


I love it when any discussion about the shortcomings of the Clinton years meets with the tired "Republican talking points" meme.

You're so predictable.

Someone says something slightly negative about Sen. Clinton or her husband's administration, it's all, you're taking a page from the Republican playbook. Someone says something negative about Sen. Obama, it's like, oh, this is just part of the vetting process.

F'n ridiculous.

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of the comfortable past which, in fact, never existed. - Robert F. Kennedy

There's a world of difference between accusations

and facts...and these are FACTS. It's up to you to decide whether or not to vote for public officials who continually exhibit blatant dishonesty, a complete lack of integrity, and the morals of hamsters in heat.

I didn't mention NAFTA...but Bill Lied about that too. The FACTS about the Clintons are abundant and easily accessible IF you would like to make an informed choice.

Stan Bozarth

I sure do miss Bill.

How tough is it, realy to dredge up a bunch of anti-Bill quotes?

I miss him. He was a terrific leader, he had great promise.

I enjoyed the hell out of that man.

Now he's had that ghastly heart surgery and is never really going to be the same. Poor man is desperate to get Hillary elected and safely tucked away in the White House so he can resume his own little . . . whatevers . .. I'm still a little upset that they let Buddy get run over. Bill was apparently not a responsible dog owner. I wonder if Buddy came to feel that he was just being USED as a prop at a time the family really needed a friendly face to focus on?

Someday "Buddy's Story" will be published. It could be the title of a great farce.

Yet I still do miss Bill.

Bill has some cred with me.

His views aren't libertarian, but I think his administration had some things right. I like the restraints on spending that Rubin pursued (although when the Republicans took Congress, and it was politically expedient for them to actually be fiscally conservative, they helped the Clinton Administration in this direction; observe the government shutdown), and I like that Bill understands the benefits of free trade. (Although NAFTA is NOT free trade; having read a lot of it, it's a posterchild of mercantilism. Free traders are the biggest opponents of NAFTA.) I think that the Clinton Administration gets more credit for the economic success of the 1990s, given the productivity boom that was inevitible anyways and the absolutely unprecedented capital gains tax revenues that came in late in the Administration that helped massively in reducing the deficit. Clintonomics was not free market economics by a long-shot, but neither was Reaganomics. Among the various forms of central planning that the US Government has imposed since Hamilton, it was on the better end.

On other issues, I've got some real problems with the Clinton Administration. Janet Reno was, quite simply, a fascist. (Sure, the Bush Administraiton has been terrible on civil liberties, but so was she.) Clinton's foreign policy was just another in a line of interventionist boondoggles post-WWII, and it's partly responsible for where we are now. Nothing was done to address the long-term decapitation of the economy that will come at the hands of Social Security and Medicare.

Probably the biggest issue I have with Bill, though, is his taste. And by that, I mean his extramarital affairs. He's the President of the United States, which by default gives him an extra 4-5 inches (before the cigar). And the best he can do are Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones? Come on, dude. Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe; the least you could have done was Glen Close. You just had to know the guy was not in his right mind at the time, whatever the reason.

(The above paragraph is a joke, btw. Mostly, at least.)