Sunday thinking

I don't know what to do with the upsurge of violence that's happening on the right. My gut instinct is to go out an buy another gun, which certainly wouldn't do much to help the cause of peace. I just don't know what else to do in the face of insane Trump Republicans.

On social media and especially in my conversations with many women, fear of right wing intimidation is a real thing. It's entirely understandable. From Trump to Tillis to Forest and all the way down to the state House and Senate, encouraging violence is what they do, without the slightest sense of the damage they're causing. It's well and truly sickening.

David Brooks had a column in the New York Times this week about the threat Trump presents to our democracy. That such a column was even contemplated, let alone written, is a testament to the destruction the GOP has wrought.

If Trump claims a victory that is not rightly his, a few marches in the streets will not be an adequate response. There may have to be a sustained campaign of civic action, as in Hong Kong and Belarus, to rally the majority that wants to preserve democracy, that isolates those who would undo it.

I have no idea what Trump will or won't do, all I'm focused on is Blue voter turnout. I hope you are too.



Predicting what we'll do

I suck a predictions, but I hope this is what will happen.

1. A Biden landslide
2. Cultists go back into hiding (knowing they aren't going to vanish)
3. We get back to work building a more fair and more free society.

It should be a landslide

No doubt he will lose the popular vote again, by a considerably larger margin. But I'll be happy if we get 300+ electoral votes along with it. Another Florida debacle could turn crazy violent, and we need to win enough electoral votes so one big swing state won't make a difference.

After we regain control of the US DOJ, the gun-nutters and Proud Boys can try their bullshit then if they're dumb enough, and end up in prison where they belong.