Trump calls Michigan minions to DC to work out coup details


I sometimes think these days that I've seen the worst, but today brought a new low. Shut out by judges all across the land, Trump has invited two leading Michigan Republican leaders to meet with him in DC. The goal? To map out an end-around plan that allows Trump to stay in power. Trump wants the Michigan legislature to bypass vote-counting and choose a bunch of electoral college sheep who won't be bound by the popular vote in their state.

And if you think this is just me being hysterical, think again. Trump is using the power of his office to extort compliance with his wishes. He's creating chaos through lies and propaganda, which carries the risk of spreading through our nation's governing bodies and hijacking the election. Not a single god-damned Republican in this country is willing to stand up and say, "Enough." Not the piece of trash Thom Tillis, who is filling his Facebook page with happy talk and bullshit. Not Richard Burr, who is permanently invisible. Not any of our hapless Republican Congressmen. Not a single fucking person in office representing the Republican party, including Tim Moore and Phil Berger.

This situation exists because Republican's have put "staying in power" ahead of "protecting our country" in their hierarchy of needs. They don't give a crap if Trump is breaking the law, abusing his power, lying all day every day, or continuing to con America ... as long as they get to rule the roost.

I don't know if America is going to make it through this crisis or not, but things are looking pretty shaky. There are no limits to which Trump won't go to stay in office and avoid criminal prosecution. And Republicans are with him all the way.

I hope you're all armed and prepared for the worst, because it looks to me like the worst is coming. The die is already cast. Trump's electoral loss has already triggered more domestic violence than has been seen in a hundred years. And if he succeeds in stealing the election, that violence will escalate to unheard-of levels. It's no wonder things are getting ugly: the person claiming the White House himself is the most hideous human being in the history of our country.





Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs—who said she and her family and staff members have all received violent threats—urged Trump and other GOP officials Wednesday to stop stoking voters' distrust in the system.

“Their words and actions have consequences. Now, I am calling on other leaders in this state, including the governor whose deafening silence has contributed to the growing unrest, to stand up for the truth," Hobbs said in a statement, adding democracy "will not falter under my watch." Arizona has been called for Biden, who is leading Trump by roughly 10,500 votes in the state.

In Georgia, where Trump trails Biden by some 14,000 votes and results of a hand recount are expected soon, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has also confirmed that both he and his family have faced repeated death threats. Over the past week, Raffensperger's wife received the following texts on her cell phone:

“You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it.”
“Your husband deserves to face a firing squad.”
“The Raffenspergers should be put on trial for treason and face execution.”

Biden doesn't seem worried

But that doesn't mean he's not pissed.

Insistent that he’ll be able to work with Republicans in Congress, Biden said he wasn’t worried about Trump’s actions leading Americans to believe his presidency isn’t legitimate, claiming that even most of the Republicans he’s spoken to “think this is debilitating. It sends a horrible message about who we are as a country.”

Asked to expound upon Trump’s post-election actions, Biden struck a measured, but sharp tone, calling Trump’s refusal to concede “another incident where he will be down in history as being one of the most irresponsible presidents in American history.”

“It’s hard to fathom how this man thinks. I’m confident he knows he hasn’t won, he’s not going to be able to win and we’re going to be sworn in on January 20,” Biden said. “Far from me to question his motive. It’s just outrageous what he’s doing.”

Personally, I think this is overblown

When it comes right down to it, Trump has been protesting his loss in many different ways. Nothing has come from any of these attempts - I think this afternoon his legal team, headed by nutcase Rudy, has lost 23 court cases.

Let's say the GOP leaders from Michigan decide to play along. They'll face resistance in their state. If they make it past that hurdle, Biden has a large legal team made up of competent lawyers that will be on the case.

To actually overturn the election in his favor, Trump will have to steal more than Michigan - that state has 16 votes in the EC, which is still quite a bit away from what Trump would need there.

Everyone except the nutjobs on far-right news outlets and a few holdouts at Fox News are telling Trump to give it up. It's over.

I firmly believe that all these court challenges and the meetings tomorrow are simply a scam. Trump's campaign is breathlessly hyping all this in several fundraising emails to his cult supporters everyday, begging for donations to challenge the results. This money certainly isn't paying for lawyers or even any recounts of consequence - it's all hype designed to squeeze as much cash out of his base for a campaign slush fund for Trump and his family.

And Republicans in Congress are basically sitting on their hands here, letting the left get distracted from the real, on the ground work and fundraising that needs to be done to win that runoff in Georgia.

Sure, we need to watch Trump like a hawk. But don't let it distract you from the Senate and making sure Trump, his family, and his organized crime circle are held accountable when the dust settles.