Tuesday Twitter roundup

Feeding the children should be at the top of everybody's list:

Chew on these numbers for a few minutes:

SNAP delivers more nutrition assistance to low-income children than any other. This year, SNAP will help about 20 million children each month — about one in four U.S. children — while providing about $30 billion in nutrition benefits for children over the course of the year. In North Carolina the impact is even greater. In 2014, SNAP helped about 663,000 children each month, or 29 percent of our state’s kids.

SNAP’s benefits are modest, but they’re well-targeted to children and families that need them the most. While households across the state receive an average of $255 each month, families with children get $390 on average. Furthermore, families experiencing deep poverty receive higher benefits.[i] In 2014, SNAP benefits lifted over 96,000 families out of deep poverty. It’s no surprise that SNAP helps lift more children out of deep poverty than any other government assistance program.

It really is a no-brainer, but if given half a chance, Republicans would do away with this program without blinking an eye. So the next time somebody says, "both parties are the same," tell them to go suck a lemon.

Ugh. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

Cricket? Seriously, I'm not going to pay good money (even a few shillings) to attend a sporting event where I have no idea when to clap or say, "That's fucked up, ref!" Okay, I might go once, just to look at the people who are fans. But I'll be gone before the 5th batsman gets stumped. You're right, I have no idea what that means...

Privileged jerk...

With those eagles in the background, he looks even more like a Waffen SS officer...Oops! Godwin's Law...

I went far enough to determine this site *is* connected to the state's voter database Too skeered to go any deeper, lest I end up on one of those lists that jackass Jay DeLancey compiles.

I can't help but think about all the hype leading up to the opening of Al Capone's glove compartment. Tell you what, Gerald, show us your cards, and then we might play...

Um, no, we don't. This is wrong on so many levels I just can't.

Speaking of God:

To which God replied, "Did you just invoke my name during a political rally? What part of 'Do not take the Lord's name in vain' and 'Beware false prophets' did you not understand? Sheesh."

Yes, God was the first one to use the word "sheesh."

Damn. 26 feet *above* the flood line? Hard to comprehend, but these people need our help, comprehension or not.

But...isn't Uncle Sam the epitome of an out-of-control Federal bureaucrat? How many tens of thousands of young people over the years have looked at his signs and said, "Well...if it's that important, I guess I will sign up."

GOP absentee ballots are 10,000 more than Dem right now. But at this point 4 years ago they were some 34,000 ahead of us. Don't pop any corks yet, but it's looking better every day...

I realize App is not one of our more diverse institutions, but that group is blindingly white. Like a white-out during a blizzard. They're so white, the color wheel said, "Hey! What're you trying to do?" The whiteness is so all-encompassing, birds would fly right into...Okay, I may have carried that white thing a little too far. But they're very white.

Speaking of:

You can run from your history, but you can't hide from it:

"The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case," Roof says. "It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right."

He continues, writing that that discovery, "prompted me to type in the words 'black on White crime' into Google, and I have never been the same since that day. The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?"

Today, Perkins is the president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. He has intimate access to the media, mostly via Fox News, although it's not uncommon to see him on other cable news networks, speaking against equality and for conservative "family values," which in reality are neither.

The SPLC reports that "in 2001, Perkins was photographed addressing a gathering of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. The group, a direct descendent of the segregationist White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s, has called African Americans a “retrograde species of humanity.” Perkins, who later denied knowledge of the group’s racist views, spoke in front of a Confederate flag (seen here, courtesy of Right Wing Watch)."

That Right Wing Watch article includes the image of Perkins, and reports on his speech, at which Perkins claims he "cannot remember speaking."

Media Matters reports on an article in which Perkins "said he wasn't aware of" the history of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which, given Perkins ties to KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, seems unlikely.

He also has intimate access to numerous members of US Congress, and of course NC's bent Legislature. Which is why stories like this need to be front-page, above-the-fold, in the NYT and North Carolina papers.

On that particularly distasteful note, here's your Onion:

Well, just this once. But that's it!



Poor helicopter etiquette:

Dude, Andre the Giant could walk upright under those blades and not be in any danger. Also, those rotor blades are probably only about 10-12 feet long each. Running 30 yards with your head down is a little overkill, and a lot embarrassing.