Tuesday Twitter roundup

She's not wrong, you know.

Not a clue.

And many conservatives would consider that a feature, not a flaw. They have no business developing public policy.

Oxfam is a foreign entity, part of the New World Order who want to take our guns and chewing tobacco! Just trying to anticipate the RW nutters...

Here's an excerpt:

Lack of child care presents the primary barrier to employment for around 70,000 Black, 45,000 Hispanic, and 125,000 white North Carolinians.

In North Carolina, women are 10 times more likely than men to name caring for a child who was not in school or child care as the main reason they aren’t working.

Around 100,000 people with incomes below $35,000 want to work but cannot because they have lacked child care in recent months.

Can't stress this enough: it's not like it was back in the day. It takes all the income from a full-time job (if you're earning below $15 hr) just to pay for child care alone. It's an intractable problem, which means it needs to be addressed via public policy. Until we do, our economy will not recover, much less flourish.

On that desperate note, here's your Onion: