Tuesday Twitter roundup

Giggity. Send his ass back to wherever he came from...

Send her ass back, too.

In case you missed the last ten times I've talked about this, I agree wholeheartedly.

Definitely worth looking into, especially with the pandemic raging.

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Gotta cut it short, got family stuff to do. Here's your Onion:

Or taking them...



Foxx is so clueless...

she's ranting about teachers' unions while representing a state that does not allow teachers to join a union. So obviously, that's not an impediment to "school choice" in NC. What is an impediment is that most NC citizens (and especially parents) don't actually want the kind of privatization that "school choice" actually represents, they want their public schools to be the way they were when Democrats were in charge and the schools actually received something like proper funding. And let's also never forget what has been pointed out again and again by those who actually understand public education policy: "school choice" doesn't mean that parents get to choose any school they want, it really means that the privatized schools get to pick the students they want and reject the rest (i.e., any child who is even remotely difficult to educate or that they just don't like) while the public schools are the exact opposite and must take any child who lives in their district and walks through the door.