Union Co. Kissell Supporter Organizes Big Trip to D.C.

Earlier this morning a bus took off from Union County, NC carrying a large group of 8th District Larry Kissell supporters. The trip was organized by Nancy Rorie, President of Democratic Women of Union County. I sure wish I was on that bus.

The group includes volunteers, fundraisers, local party officials, reporters and some Kissell family members. Nancy started work immediately after the election to put this trip together. She's known for making things happen here in Union County, so it was a foregone conclusion that the trip would be a success.

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Nancy worked with Leanne Powell, Congressman-elect Kissell's Chief of Staff to work out the logistics for the group after they reach the Cannon office building. As Kissell's schedule tightened up after his swearing in, Powell adjusted the schedule to allow for him to visit with the group in his office prior to the ceremony. Tomorrow at noon, this lucky group of almost 50 Kissell supporters will watch as Congressman-elect Kissell becomes Congressman Kissell. It's a moment many of us have worked hard for over the past three years, but none of us has worked as hard as Larry. He deserves to be surrounded by as many supporters as possible and Nancy has made sure that will happen.

Nancy also reached out to Senator-elect Kay Hagan's staff and they will do their best to include a stop by Senate offices. Unfortunately, it's a little more difficult since Kay doesn't actually have an office yet. The Republicans plan to make it as hard as possible on the rest of the Senate as they whine, piss and moan about Al Franken's victory in Minnesota.

We'll get whatever pictures posted we can of the trip. It won't come close to being there, but at noon tomorrow, we'll celebrate with Congressman Kissell at BlueNC.



The countdown continues

Does anyone remember the reporters/bloggers who wrote that second time candidates rarely win? I remember reading that more than once back in late 2006 and early 2007. I may have read it here and am pretty sure I read it either at National Journal, CQ or The Hill. I've searched, but would love it if anyone can find those quotes. Don't pay for any archives, though.

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Swearing in ceremonies live on C-Span tomorrow

I just confirmed, but they don't have their schedule up and won't know which channel until much later today. I wish we could embed here, but at least we can watch it and I'll try to tape it and get it up as soon as it happens for those who aren't able to watch live.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I wish I could be there too!

But I have an afternoon class today, and with it being the first day of school, probably would be bad form to skip. I actually tried to do the math of driving the DC to make it, but ... oh well.

I'll be glued to C-Span tomorrow then to watch all our new Democrats become official lawmakers!

Thanks 8th District, Thanks Larry

I want to thank the people of the eighth district for sending Congressman Kissell to the Hill. I have avoided that office for six years. Now we (the working little people) have a friend on the Hill. Thanks one and all.....I look forward to meeting the Congressman.

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Feels great to read

Congressman Larry Kissell.

Still brings a smile to my face. The joy still hasnt fully sunk in I think.

"Keep the Faith"