Weekend open thread: Reclaiming red

I found myself lamenting the loss of words and ideas in liberal discourse. For example, we should be the ones who claim and define what freedom means. And we should never cede ground when it comes to something as basic as a color.

Two years ago, we ran a very successful campaign against GOP constitutional amendments using red yard signs. Now I've just ordered a red hat!



Worm turning

It really does seem like Trump Republicans have stepped in it with their insulting and disparaging comments about members of the armed forces.

It's about time.

I've seen numerous Trumpers

defending him, saying "that never happened" about his insults to the military. But I have yet to see any veterans doing that. After what happened to Col. Vindman, most people are not surprised the sources chose to remain anonymous.

I'm tempted to say, "I don't think he can recover from this," but Americans have incredibly short memories when it comes to Republicans in general, and Trump specifically.

This time feels different

Trump Republicans are looking stupid even to other Republicans, and I've read stories of people (especially very old veterans) turning on him.

This is worth watching.


I drive a red '98 Mustang once in a while. Does that count? :)

Totally counts

Especially if you have a Ridin' with Biden vinyl sticker on the bumper!