What's left to say?

Not long ago, I was fed up to my eyeballs with Thom Tillis and his anti-American behavior. The election wasn't in full swing, and Tillis was scrambling to position himself as some kind of bipartisan hero working for all our citizens. In the months that followed, up to this very day, Tillis has devolved into the ugliest and most vile of creatures imaginable.

It's not because he's stupid, it's because he's evil. He and his Republican family have closed their eyes, shuttered their ears, and refused to feel the pain that is tearing our country apart. They are backing a psychopathic asshole who has said he would not relinquish power, who is working as we speak to subvert the electoral college, and who wants nothing more than to continue to rule America as his personal ATM machine. Trump and his criminal family are screwing Americans every single day, and no one in the Republican party is even thinking of holding him accountable. Now, with Trump gearing getting another justice on the Supreme Court, Tillis has announced he's all onboard no matter who the nominee.

It's tempting to try to chronicle the disasters Tillis is enabling, but honestly, it's not worth the trouble. He doesn't give a shit about the damage he's doing so long as he sees a path forward to being reelected.

So all I really have to say is this: Fuck you, Tillis. You and your whole god-damned traitorous party.



Sorry for the rant

I'm so sick of these assholes that I find myself wishing for them to all literally drop dead on the spot. Every one of them belongs in hell.

No apology necessary

I'm furious. At their blatant hypocrisy, their situational morals and ethics, and their callous disregard for our Constitution and our democracy. They would sell us out for 15 taels of silver and an IOU for he rest.

I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, almost 4 decades ago. I consider myself still bound by that oath, and when I see rich, powerful white men wipe their ass with that Constitution, it makes me want to see them dead, also. Not proud of that feeling, but I'm not ashamed of it, either. Too many gave their lives preserving that democracy to give too much consideration to maintaining decorum or polite sensibilities.

It's frustrating and understandable

It's more than just the policies they put in place that impact your life everyday and the blatant disregard of the Constitution.

It's the way they abuse the system to line their own pockets and use their power to do physical and mental harm to those that are less powerful.

It's frustrating and infuriating because, as an individual, the only things you can do are vote, encourage others to vote, give to candidates, and protest or organize.

If this were a family, you'd be having an intervention - you'd be finding a safe house for the abused spouse and kids and getting the courts and police to get restraining orders and warrants to stop the abuse.

But, instead, you've got members of the family forming a protective ring around the abusers, preventing you from stopping what's going on. And many of them enjoy seeing the cruelty.

The US and NC right now is a broken family, damaged from years hurt and pain that seems to have no way out.

We have to move forward from this and stop it or we won't survive as a republic.


I don't think we ever had what we thought. The founders were fascist plutocrats, with fascism defined in its original meaning, the merger of corporate and state. Which means the state will overwhelmingly make law in favor of business and the wealthy. The "republic" is a disguise. The electoral college, the nature of the Senate, gerrymandering, money and alas, covert and overt racism ensures the "repubic" is a well crafted illusion, designed to keep the plutocracy in tact. Much is discussed about what to do and what may happen. But history repeats itself and the nature of man does not change. Turning points of society are never without great costs.

The "Southern Strategy"....

...has always been business (Wall Street) saying to the southern conservatives "You can keep your Bible, guns and bigotry as long as we can keep our profits."

re: republic

I am not the cynic that you are, but admittedly not as informed either. I can explain why the electoral college makes sense. Without it, the three most populous cities would decide the the entire election. (Los Angeles, Chicago and New York). The rest of the country would be largely ignored during the campaign and have little say in the election,


May have been true in 1899 but not now. A relic of colonial thinking/times and turned into a weapon by Jim Crow and now the fascists