Who didn't see this coming?

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder even saw this coming.


Why didn't anybody else?


I could see it coming...

...but I have two other questions:

I'd like to know who is putting up the retainer for Shanahan's representation of Ortega? (I don't think a $10K settlement would last for 6 months then have enough left over to pay a former federal prosecutor)

For that matter - who's paying Shanahan to sit in Federal Court in Greensboro to be an "observer" for the Edward's trial?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Pure speculation, but...

I'm pretty sure we've connected Shanahan with Art Pope here before. Plus, there appears to be a job opening at the NC Institute for investigating sports Constitutional Law in the wake of SpongeBob's exit, so...

Of course Ortega has been a "favorite" of the NC GOP for years!


Democratic staffer's good humor praised by GOP chair
Submitted by mbieseck on 2010-10-26 12:08

At the end of a media conference at Republican headquarters Tuesday, party chairman Tom Fetzer took the unusual step of calling up to the podium a young Democrat tasked with going to GOP events with a video camera.

Adrian Ortega smiled uncomfortably as Fetzer praised his work ethic and good humor.

"It takes a unique personality to go into the lion's den," the GOP chairman said, before adding that the opposing party shouldn't be so stingy when supporting its staffer.

Fetzer recounted how Ortega was at a Republican event in the mountains, drove home to Raleigh that night and then returned back to the western part of the state again the following day for another GOP rally.

"The milage alone should have paid for a hotel room," Fetzer said.

Both parties employ staffers, known as trackers, to follow around the opposition in the hope of capturing an embarrassing gaffe on video.

Andrew Whalen, the executive director of N.C. Democratic Party, agreed with Fetzer's assessment of Ortega's work. A former college intern, Ortega was added to the party's paid staff last summer, Whalen said,

"He is a fantastic employee and we are glad to have him," Whalen said.

After extolling his virtues on Tuesday, Fetzer gave Ortega a small gift — a red GOP beer koozie featuring a the party's elephant logo.

"I think you might need an adult beverage come election night," Fetzer quipped.

And notice who was paying all that attention to Ortega - none other than Tom "I'm not Gay!" Fetzer!

Of course none of them were around when Ortega flashed "Aunt Jemima and Oprah" up on the screen at the April 2011 SEC meeting in Raleigh last year.

Doing something that offended a number of African-American members of the SEC is of course the mark of a fantastic employee!

And I was tasked by Sallie Leslie to take tickets at the J-J Dinner after the SEC meeting. Two NCDP staffers were assigned to work with me - one of them was Adriadn. You think it would be simple to sit down at a table and check names off the high-roller list while I stood up and took tickets from the "regular people". He couldn't stay focused on it, and kept getting up and running off to do something else that was obviously more important.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Adriadn Ortega

Now that a Republican attorney is representing Adriadn Ortega, it is becoming more and more obvious that he crossed over to the GOP side long ago. He worked with the Republicans to cause major controversy in the Democratic Party.
We will probably never know how much the GOP has paid him to cause divisions in the Democratic Party!


Ortega made allegations against Jay Parmley that were backed up by Sallie Leslie. But, Ortega's allegations didn't amount to a hill of beans, because they didn't contain any sexual harassment. Now, it's becoming clear - thanks to Chris Telesca. The poorly paid Ortega was a Republican operative. Was he seduced by Republican money? Or was it another form of seduction? Or both at the same time?

I never said that Ortega was a GOP operative

This whole situation is turning into something other than the situation that was described by the media, consultants, "electeds" and candidates early on.

That being said, only time will really tell what actually happened - and why this matter was presented to us in the way that it was. But I am thankful that so many dedicated Democrats decided to stay loyal to our Party and Party leadership and not buy into the BS sold by the consultants that "politics is perception". Politics can also be about rushing to judgement - but it should not be that way.

Remember our state motto: "Esse quam videri" - "to be rather than to seem". Sometimes it takes time to figure out the way things actually happened instead of rushing to do what the consultants want us to do. We don't work for them!

Chris Telesca
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